Mexico (Winter Break)


Since January 2000, the Center for Just Living and Campus Ministry have been taking students to Cuernavaca, Mexico during winter break.  So far, over 100 students have taken part in this life-changing journey.  The Spirit and Justice trip lasts between 10 and 15 days and takes place at a social justice study center called Quest. The purpose of this trip is to allow students to see the world from a new perspective- the prospective of the poor. On the Spirit and Justice trip students not only learn about the world, but their place in it. They will have to ask themselves, “What is my role in this situation,” and “What can I do to help?”

Quest center is located in a peaceful and rural environment where students will be able to effectively reflect upon their experiences. There they will eat homemade authentic Mexican meals. Students will travel to a variety of locations such as homes, churches, orphanages, and villages. There they will hear life stories that will change the way they see the world. In the past groups have gone to an orphanage and played with the children, listened to a village elder teach about liberation theology, and learned about over-coming adversity and having enough spirit left to help others.

All students are eligible to take part on this trip. All of the speakers speak English or will be interpreted. The only requirement or qualification needed for this trip is that students be open and willing to participate. Applications can be picked up in Campus Ministry.

If you would like to learn more about the Mexico Spirit and Justice Trip, visit our student blog or contact Jessica Ellingson in the Campus Ministry Center.

Next trip will be in January 2018!

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