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CSS - Leipzig Exchange

...the perfect way to gain professional experience and have a lot of fun... 

Altes Rathaus in LeipzigStudents and faculty from the College of St. Scholastica have been visiting Leipzig, Germany for over a decade. Each year in May, a small, adventurous group takes the opportunity to enjoy two weeks living and learning at the Medical Institute of the University of Leipzig and a group from Germany visits CSS in the fall. Leipzig is a fascinating, historically important city of a half million people situated in eastern Germany at the confluence of three rivers and two ancient trade routes. A commercial center for over 800 years, modern Leipzig is a unique combination of the traditional and the contemporary and continues to attract international trade fairs and business. Leipzig has a strong musical heritage as the home town of Johann Sebastian Bach and the site of the Bach archives and museum, and has the only remaining residence of composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. In 1989, the peaceful revolution that led to the fall of the border between East and West Germany began in Leipzig with prayers for peace held every Monday at the St. Nicholas Church and followed by nonviolent street demonstrations.

CSS students with a background in German and/or the Health Sciences can take part in the CSS-Leipzig Exchange. Learn about Leipzig's unique cultural contributions and take part in the German lifestyle for a few weeks. 

What is it?

It's an agreement between CSS and the University of Leipzig to exchange students/faculty in the Health Sciences and Nursing for an annual two-week program. It offers an opportunity for students/faculty to network with Germans in matching professional fields. Although students do not formally take classes, they shadow German students and collect information for their individual projects developed in the Spring Leipzig Seminar on campus.

When is it?

The two-week visit takes place at the end of the CSS academic year (mid-May) as the culmination of a Spring semester "Leipzig Seminar," a 1-2 credit preparatory course on campus. The summer following the Sophomore or Junior year is recommended for participants. Students are encouraged to tour Europe on their own at the end of the Exchange Program.

Who is eligible?

All CSS students who have German language backgrounds (minimum completion of GMN 1112 or 3 years high school), are independent learners, and have a sense of adventure may apply to the program.  CSS students in all disciplines are eligible, but students in the Health Sciences will be given priority.  Up to four participants a year will be chosen.

How much does it cost?

Students pay a course fee and must purchase their own round trip transportation to Leipzig. Once there, room and board are provided by the University of Leipzig. The CSS Senate typically supports the program with a small stipend to enable students to attend various cultural events in Leipzig, however, students do need to apply for funds each year, and there is always a possibility that they won't be approved for funding.

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