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Successful St. Scholastica sophomore, junior or senior students may be eligible for a S-STEM scholarship

Research Opportunities

Students within the mathematics program are encouraged to pursue Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU's). Opportunities are offered throughout the United States and may be found by visiting the National Science Foundation REU website.  

Additionally, a small number of students are able to do research with faculty here at St. Scholastica in the summer. For more information, please contact your adviser.


Students of all sorts are encouraged to seek internships. Some of our recent students found placements in aerospace engineering at NASA, marketing analytics at Target, and programming at Securian.

Clubs and Organizations

Visit the Math Club's facebook page or check out our news & events.

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Expand and Collapse Required Courses

Expand and Collapse MTH 3302 - Contemporary Geometry

Foundations of Euclidean geometry, solid geometry; introductions to non-Euclidean geometry; spherical geometry. Course includes dynamic geometry investigations using appropriate software. Prerequisite: MTH 2401 or instructor's permission.

Expand and Collapse MTH 3321 - Multivariable Calculus

Topics include functions of several variables, gradients, partial derivatives and multiple integrals, vector fields, Green's and Stoke's theorems, and applications. Prerequisite: MTH 2222.

Expand and Collapse MTH 4332 - Abstract Algebra I

Introduction to groups, ring and field theory; group homomorphism and isomorphism, Cayley's theorem, and quotient groups, Lagrange's theorem; rings, ideals, ring homomorphism and basic properties of fields. Prerequisite: MTH 3322 or instructor's permission.

Expand and Collapse MTH 4421 - Principles of Analysis I

Introduction to real analysis. It includes completeness of the real number system, topology of the real line, sequences, convergence, limits, continuity, differentiability and the Riemann integral, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Prerequisites: MTH 3321,MTH 3322.

Expand and Collapse MTH 4500 - Senior Seminar

This course is required for all Mathematics majors. Under the direction of Mathematics faculty, students pick topics in any area of math, do research/independent reading and write papers for presentation. Prerequisite: instructor's permission.

Expand and Collapse Elective Courses

Expand and Collapse MTH 4412 - Probability and Statistics II

Study of multivariate distributions, theory of estimation, hypotheses testing, and statistical inference and their applications. Prerequisites: MTH 4411 and MTH 3321.

Expand and Collapse MTH 4422 - Principles of Analysis II

Sequences of functions, uniform convergence, the Bounded Convergence Theorem, infinite series, topology of the set of real numbers, Heine-Borel Theorem and metric spaces. Prerequisite: MTH 4421.

Expand and Collapse MTH 4432 - Abstract Algebra II

More topics of rings and fields, maximal and principal ideals, complete ordered fields, polynomial rings, factorization in F[x], field extensions. Prerequisite: MTH 4332.

Expand and Collapse MTH 4777 - Topics in Math

Concentrated study of various subject areas. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

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