Information About our Field Program

570 hours of on-the-job training.

Social work is a profession that is learned by doing as well as by studying. Our program gets you out in the field early and often. Our 570 hours of required field practice is above the national average for BSW programs, meaning that you'll be well-prepared and ready to practice once you graduate.

Field Readiness: Preparing you for fieldwork.

The field experience at The College of St. Scholastica consists of two parts. The first is Field Readiness which includes the following:

  • Students participate in a "Preparation for Field" seminar. This course covers choosing a field placement site, preparation for placement readiness, assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses, resume writing, interviewing skills, the role of a professional social worker, MN Board of Social Work licensing requirements, contracting with an agency, writing goals and objectives, effectively utilizing supervision, and getting the most out of a field placement.
  • Students enroll in "practice" focused course work during their agency placement, including a bi-weekly field seminar. Learning outcomes are focused on the 10 core competencies outlined by the Council on Social Work Education. These are: Professional Identity, Ethical Responsibility, Critical Thinking, Diversity, Social and Economic Justice, Research, Person In Environment, Policy Practice, Leadership, and Service.
  • Students formalize a comprehensive performance plan including evaluation criteria within 2 weeks of placement.
  • Student assignments include opportunities to develop skills in client system analysis, professional documentation and presentation, community resource development, and professional values and ethical considerations.

Field placement: Putting your skills to work.

The second part is the field placement. The College of St. Scholastica offers two placement opportunities:

Field I

Junior level students participate in a professionally supervised agency placement for a minimum of 120 hours in one primary agency setting. Students participate in direct client shadowing experiences which offer opportunities for moderate levels of independent decision making and client/community intervention.

Field II

Senior level students participate in a professionally supervised agency placement for a minimum of 450 hours in one primary agency setting. Students are expected to participate in client/community services which offer opportunities to demonstrate foundation competencies.

Social Work Field Education, a vital component of undergraduate professional education,SWK student and Field Instructor provides students the opportunity to work in a variety of social service agency settings, applying social work knowledge, values, and skills learned in the classroom. Under the supervision of experienced practitioners, students assume responsibilities of a beginning-level social worker in providing services to clients.

In this endeavor, the College and the agency become partners in planning and carrying out an educational experience that will enhance the student's professional development. The College provides overall structure and supervision, and the agency provides time, personnel, and other resources for the ongoing planning, monitoring and supervision of student activities. Clearly, it is only with this continued active partnership between the social service community, the College, and the student that we are able to accomplish the goal of preparing students for professional practice.

Field Instruction is carefully planned and structured according to purposes and commitments, which are clearly understood by all participants.

A partnership with the Social Work Field Education Program ensures on-going communication and personal attention to the placement experience. This includes a personalized placement matching program between agency focus and student's interests, regular on-site visits, and a comprehensive professional evaluation process.

The Agency Questionnaire is to be completed by new agencies who are committed to partnering with the Social Work Field Education program. The link will take you to an agency profile questionnaire which will enable Social Work Field faculty to match your needs with the students.

Contact Info 

Duluth Campus

Michelle Robertson
218) 723-7018 |

St. Paul campus

Maima Fant 
(651) 403-8647 |

Brainerd campus

Tracy Jeremiason
(218) 855-8004 |

Welcome Agency Field Instructors!

This page is designed specifically for you, the field instructor, and includes the required information and tools necessary for a successful field experience for all parties involved. 

The Field Instructor Orientation, provided to you on-line, offers information about The College of St. Scholastica, our social work program, the field curriculum, how to create a performance plan, the field evaluation process, and tools needed for supervision of an intern. The video provides a link to the Field Instructor Data Sheet which elicits information to comply with our accreditation standards.

**Please note that the Agency Questionnaire needs to be completed prior to completing the Field Instructor Data Sheet

Our online field matching program stores information about the agencies we partner with and the field instructors with in each agency. This data is used to match students to agencies that meet their specific areas of interest.

Contact information can be found at the bottom of the page should you need any assistance during the course of our partnership.

The Field Instructor Orientation will cover the material outlined in The College of St. Scholastica's Field Instruction Manual (see links below)


This orientation is 48 minutes from start to finish.  It is a timed power point presentation.


To view this orientation you will need to open it up in a web browser.  Some web browsers have difficulty with this orientation.*   If you are not able to open the link please contact your CSS Field Faculty Representative and they will assist you.

*Some browsers require you to hit your page up/down button or to move the scroll bar on the left up/down in order to start the presentation.

Field instructor orientation

This orientation will be broken up into 3 sections.  You may view each section by clicking on the section title.  It is highly recommended that all Field Instructors view the Orientation in its entirety prior to accepting a student from our Field Education Program.

Section 1

Roles and Responsibilities -- 12 minutes

Section 2

Field Program Overview -- 14 minutes

Section 3

Performance Plan Development, Evaluation Process and Supervision -- 22 minutes

The Field Instructor Data Sheet is to be completed after viewing the Field Instructor Orientation.  By completing this form you will earn 1 CEU of supervision hours.  A link to this form can be found in the Field Instructor Orientation.

Getting students started at your agency

Helping Students Get a Good Start is a useful guide to orient students to your agency.

After the field experience

The Agency Evaluation of Field Placement Experience is a document that you will be asked to complete at the end of an internship experience. Your feedback regarding the field process and orientation to our program is very valuable to us.

Miscellaneous Forms

Field Instruction Policies and Procedures

Agency Contract for Transport of Clientele

Field Incident Report

Additional field forms and documents can be found at: 

Contact Info 

Duluth Campus

Michelle Robertson
218) 723-7018 |

St. Paul campus

Richard Coleman
(651) 403-8631 |

Brainerd campus

Tracy Jeremiason
(218) 855-8004 |