Junior Transfer Students

Is there a minimum GPA that is acceptable?

Due to the heavy workload of required courses in the HIM program and the lack of time for elective courses, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.7, although a GPA of 3.0 is recommended.

What if my GPA is below the minimum level?

If your GPA is below 2.7 at the time of transfer, you will be required to begin the program at the Sophomore level.

What courses should I take prior to transferring to St. Scholastica?

In order to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Scholastica you must meet our general education requirements. Some of them are met by the HIM courses, however, you should plan on taking courses that meet the following areas:

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Social Science
  • World Language (this can be met by three years of high school foreign language or by one year at the college level).
  • Literature
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Natural Science
  • History
  • Fine Arts
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • General Education Upper Division Writing

In addition to the above general education courses, you should also take anatomy and physiology with a dissection lab, statistics (based on research methods), an introductory computer course, and a computer course on Management Information Systems.

What general education courses are met by the HIM program curriculum?

  • The Religious Studies requirement is met by the required course TRS 3311 Religious Perspectives on Health Care Ethics.
  • The Natural Science requirement is met by biology or the anatomy/physiology course.
  • The Analytical Reasoning requirement is met by PSY 3311 Statistics (or an equivalent transfer course)
  • The Upper Division Writing requirement may be met by taking the recommended ENG 3364 Written Management Communication course.

Will I be able to complete my degree in four years?

Because there is a heavy workload the Junior and Senior year of the program, students who transfer into the program are advised to take at least one or two of the following online courses during summer session between their Sophomore and Junior year. Courses choices for this summer session include:

  • Pathophysiology (BIO 3020, 4 credits),
  • Religious Perspectives on Health Care Ethics (TRS3311, 4 credits), and
  • Management Information Systems (CIS3105, 4 credits, if this was not taken prior to transferring to St. Scholastica)

In order to transfer at the junior level, students must have completed Anatomy & Physiology with a dissection lab prior to transfer.

What courses will I need to take as a Junior?

Fall semester courses:

  • U.S. Health Care System (HSC 2203, 4 credits)
  • Medical Language (HIM 2102, 3 credits)
  • Introduction to Pharmacotherapeutics (HIM 2102, 1 credit)
  • Medicolegal Issues (HIM 3132, 4 credits)
  • Database Modeling (CIS 3107, 4 credits)

Spring Semester courses:

  • Fundamentals of Health Information Management (HIM 2112, 4 credits)
  • Classification of Health Data (HIM 3211, 4 credits)
  • Managing Human Resources (HIM 3311, 4 credits)
  • Systems Analysis and Design (CIS 3108, 4 credits)

When should I contact St. Scholastica about transferring?

Many students start at local community colleges or technical schools knowing they will transfer to St. Scholastica. The earlier you contact the HIM department about your desire to transfer the better. We are happy to help you with course selection and preparation to make your transition into our program as smooth as possible.

As a service to our students and alumni, if we hear of job openings we will post the details here.  We generally are not informed when positions are filled so some of the older postings may not be current. Contact Eric Nordgren, enordgren@css.edu, if you have questions. 

Current Openings

Posted 6/13
Clinical Data Analyst/Informatics Consultant - University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, MN 
Clinical Data Analyst/Informatics Consultant (Entry Level) - University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, MN
Clinical Research Data Analyst (Researcher 4)- University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, MN
Clinical Data Analyst / Informatics Consultant - Masonic Cancer Center Clinical Informatics Support Services (MCC-CISS) - University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, MN
Researcher 5 - University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, MN
Posted 6/7
Health Information Manager - Mayo Clinic - Rochester, MN
Physician Credentialer - Essentia Health - Duluth, MN 
Posted 5/24
Consumer & Provider Liaison - BlueCross BlueShield - Eagan or Virginia, MN
Posted 5/16
Coder/Abstractor - Cloquet Memorial Hospital - Cloquet, MN