Laboratories | Exercise Physiology

The Department of Exercise Physiology is housed in the most recent addition to the Burns Wellness Center and includes one fully equipped laboratory and a multi-functional room that can be used as a lab. In addition, the graduate-level Functional Anatomy lab is housed in the CSS Science Center.

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A full range of state-of-the-art equipment

The Department's two laboratories offer a full complement of metabolic, cardiographic and physiologic assessment equipment. A primary objective of the Department is to provide quality hands-on laboratory and research experiences for all students, so all of our equipment is available for student use rather than set aside for faculty or graduate research. This equipment includes:

  • Two Medical Graphics Ultima IITM metabolic analyzers with cardiac output; one with 12-lead ECG capabilities
  • A Medical Graphics Cardio2TM metabolic analyzer that has been upgraded with the latest software available and continues to produce research quality data
  • A Marquette CASE 8000TM Stress Test and Electrocardiographic system
  • A Quinton® Q-Tel RMS v3.1 telemetry system
  • Four additional stand-alone ECG monitor
  • Multiple treadmills, cycle and rowing ergometers
  • A variety of stadiometers, scales, skin-fold calipers and body fat analyzers
  • Additional equipment for assessing fitness and strength (dynamometers, goniometers, sit-and-reach boxes)
  • Ten desktop computers. In addition, the campus offers 24/7 wireless internet access

Functional anatomy lab

The anatomy lab, used for the graduate-level Functional Anatomy course, allows the student the opportunity to see and experience the complexity of the human body and its inner structures through hands-on dissection. Uncovering and discovering the body through dissection provides the student with an experience that reveals the body's elaborate systems, organs and tissues and how they interconnect and function as one.

Hands-on experience with the WellU and Cynergy programs

WellU and Cynergy offer St. Scholastica community members an opportunity to meet one-on-one with a fitness advisor to help them meet their fitness goals. Graduate students from the Exercise Physiology program have the opportunity to meet with individuals and develop personalized exercise plans tailored to meet each individual's personal fitness goals.

For more information on these programs, contact:
Julie Zaruba Fountaine at or (218) 625-4914 or
Jennifer Widstrom at or 218-723-7019