Tips and Recommendations for current students

Second-year students

  • Summer reading. You will need to purchase the leadership book for ATR 7006 and read it prior to returning for fall classes.  You will be sent questions to consider as you are reading them.
  • ATR 7504 | Advanced Tech in ATR. This course will be scheduled during the week prior to the start of spring (2017) semester.  At least one Saturday will be included.
  • Register for fall classes by July 1.  Courses include ATR 7004, ATR 7006, ATR 7008, ATR 7009, ATR 7010, ATR 6011, ATR 7100, and ATR 7888 (Thesis) or ATR 7980 (Capstone) accordingly.

First-year students

  • Final transcripts. If you are graduating in May, please make sure a final transcript indicating degree conferral is sent to graduate admissions ASAP following your graduation.  Technically, you are not official until/unless that happens.  If you have already graduated, please make sure that has been submitted if you have not done so already.  Your financial aid may be delayed until this is resolved.
  • Complete summer registration by April 1.  Visit our registration information page for instructions.
  • Summer textbooks.  You can find book lists on the course schedule. You will need textbooks for your summer classes.  Plan accordingly in case your financial aid is not finalized until after you start classes.
  • Complete health requirements by April 1. You must complete your health requirements (immunizations, insurance form) by April 1.  There is minimal "free" time between your arrival in June and the start of the semester in September.  Further, this information is required for facilitating clinical placements.  The forms can be found elsewhere on this site and you will also need to bring original documentation for your immunizations along with the forms.
  • Accommodations for those with equal access needs: If you anticipate needing any accommodations, please contact Melissa Watschke, Coordinator of the Center for Equal Access in Tower Hall 2139, by phone at (218)723-6747 or email at
  • Orientation June 9-10 (tentative). The first two days (June 9-10) will be devoted to orientation types of activities.  Be prepared to put in full days (8-4:30).  Some of the activities will be related to overall success as a graduate student, some to programmatic progression issues, and others to the profession of athletic training.  We will allot some time for "housekeeping" (ID cards, tour, purchasing textbooks, etc.)
  • Orientation phase 2. You will have approximately one week off following the completion of your classes in August and the second phase of the orientation.  The orientation will take place on August 24 (tentative) and then you will have some clinical time with our on campus athletic teams prior to the beginning of the fall semester and your first eight week clinical rotation.
  • Fall clinical assignments. This will not be finalized until later in July.  These may be effected by when your information is submitted.  It is preferred that you minimize other commitments until you know your clinical assignment and can work out a schedule with your preceptor.
  • Dress code for clinical activities. We do have a dress code for all clinical activities.  You will be supplied with 2 t-shirts, 2 polo shirts, and a fleece.  We will order these so you'll have them starting in August.  You will also receive a fanny pack with tape scissors and other basic items.