How to register for classes

BannerWeb is a very secure website, accessible through Cor, that allows you to register for classes and view your grades, schedule, financial aid status, transcript, and any holds on your account. This documentation outlines the class registration process.

Step One: Get Your Course CRNs for Registration

Visit the online Course Schedule (this link opens in a new window):

Here you can view the classes that are offered on your campus for the upcoming terms. Once you and your advisor make decisions on which classes to take write down their five digit CRNs. You will use these CRNs to register. When selecting your CRNs please pay special attention to the dates and times of your courses. Also be sure to confirm whether the course is offered online or on ground.

Step Two: Login to Cor

Cor is our student portal, which gives you direct access to campus news and announcements, your email, Blackboard, and OneStop Student Services. 

Login to Cor

Step Three: Register for Classes

  • Near the top of the Cor home page, click on the OneStop heading.
  • On the OneStop page, find the box with the heading Registration Tools and the title "Begin Registration Here..."
  • Click on Add or Drop Classes
  • You will then be taken to BannerWeb. Select the upcoming term from the drop-down menu and click the "Submit" button.
  • You will then be taken to the alternate PIN page
  • Enter the alternate PIN. It is six ones in a row - 111111.  Hit "Submit" and this will take you to the "Add or Drop Classes" page.

  • Now simply enter in the CRNs you wrote down in step one (one CRN in each box). Click the "Submit Changes" button. A page will come up confirming your courses.

  • You are now registered. You may wish to print the confirmation page for your reference.

If you are having trouble registering, follow the video below.