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Graduate Areas of Study

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Doctorate in Educational Leadership

St. Scholastica's Doctorate in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) program is designed to support current and aspiring leaders in recognizing inequities in their professional settings and create a plan of action to address them. Inclusive environments stimulate the best development of innovative thinking to solve today's complex social problems. And, we have designed our program around this idea.

Grounded in social justice, the program strives to incorporate high-impact practices that get at the heart of effective change, leadership development and innovative organizational strategies. We welcome and invite students from different professional experiences, social organizations and diverse backgrounds to join us in this intentionally intersectional program.

Master of Education

The Master of Education Degree (M.Ed.) Program is a fully online degree program for practicing teachers and other education professionals. This program engages learners to reflect deeply upon their teaching practice to improve student learning and address critical issues in today's schools. Program participants will acquire new strategies on how to use data and research to impact and inform their practice.

Graduate Special Education Licensure

The Graduate Special Education Licensure program program at The College of St. Scholastica is an online program designed for practicing teachers looking to transition to the field of special education, though is open to those in other fields and other states that would benefit from the curriculum. This pathway allows working teachers to earn their Minnesota Academic and Behavioral Strategist (K-12) license while also pursuing a Master of Science degree. This teacher certification program starts once each year in the fall. However, prospective students are encouraged to apply early. 

Graduate Teaching Licensure

The Graduate Teaching Licensure (GTL) program offers students an initial teaching license that leads to a master of science in teaching degree. It is designed for those who have completed an accredited baccalaureate degree in a field other than education, or for certified teachers who wish to add another endorsement to their license. The program is designed for flexibility and offers a hybrid model of online and on-site learning. 

Certificate in Educational Technology

The Certificate in Educational Technology is delivered in an online format, and is designed for curriculum directors, practicing teachers, and school leaders who seek to improve student learning with the latest technological innovations. Students will have the opportunity to develop effective strategies for using technology-enhanced learning activities in your classroom.

Certificate in Literacy Instruction

This 100 percent online program is aligned to the K-12 Teacher of Reading Standards for the state of Minnesota. The courses provide relevant research, learning experiences and hands-on opportunities to gain a greater understanding of how to teach reading skills, strategies, and comprehension to kindergarten through grade 12 students. The courses also prepare individuals to serve in literacy leadership roles.  The Certificate and individual courses are also open to to anyone interested in improving their reading instruction.

Certificate in Computer Science Education

Our 100 percent online certificate program offers teachers a coherent set of courses that prepare them to teach computer science concepts, including content in the advanced placement courses and pedagogical techniques.

Certificate in Culturally Responsive Practice

This 100 percent online program provides opportunities for participants to examine the needs of a changing demographic K-12 student body, reflect upon current educational practices, examine systems of power and create culturally responsive best practice teaching and learning strategies.

Certificate in Special Education

Our Certificate in Special Education is delivered 100 percent online, designed for curriculum directors, practicing teachers, educational and medical practitioners, school leaders, and those who seek to improve their understanding of Special Education and students with disabilities. You will have the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge in the area of special education and to develop effective strategies for working with students with disabilities. This certificate is an elective option in our 100% online Master of Education program.

Certificate in Professional Studies

School of Education Graduate Programs Student Handbook

Program Chair

Chery Lucarelli, Ph.D.
Tower Hall, Room 3113