Organizational Leadership

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Integrating management theory and practice

This program of interdisciplinary study prepares students who wish to more fully understand organizations and the behaviors of people within them.

This program may be combined with elective study in management, psychology, or other disciplines, and forms a foundation for students who are interested in managing organization change initiatives. This major also prepares students who wish to undertake graduate study in various areas of organization studies or management.

Research opportunities

Students engage in research opportunities like The Relationship of Positive Affect and Personal Energy Management Study. The study is designed to address a simple question, which is the extent to which positive affect (emotions and moods) in the workplace is associated with good management of one's personal energy. The beneficial effects of positive emotions at work have been well-documented, as have the work-related outcomes associated with meeting four core areas of energy needs (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). The work that was completed for this study with the assistance of two student research assistants during the 2015-2016 academic year included researching options for questionnaires/measures to be used to gather data about affect and personal energy, developing questionnaire items based on a four-category conceptualization of personal energy, pilot testing the newly developed questionnaire, and further modification of the questionnaire items. The study utilizing the modified questionnaire will be conducted with a group of employees to determine whether there are significant relationships between affect and personal energy management as well as the strength of the relationships among affect, personal energy management, and work outcomes (including work engagement).

Locations and formats

The organizational leadership program is offered in a traditional day format at our main campus in Duluth and as a fully online degree program.

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