Meet our Alumni

What are our graduates doing?

Our graduates learn that the Computer Information Systems (CIS) major can lead them down many different career paths. Here are some examples of what our alumni are doing:

Name: Ryan Rignsred

Company: Sinex Aviation

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer

Ryan designs, develops, and implements internet based aircraft maintenance software. The software suite is designed for major, regional and corporate airlines helping to plan the required maintenance for an aircraft. Over half of Ryan's time is spent developing and debugging software.

There is a design phase before every development iteration or release cycle. Here the specifications are laid out. Throughout the process of the release cycle, there is constant communication between Developers, Quality Assurance, Product Support, and Sales representatives. This internal communication is key to producing the best product for their customers.

Name: Justin Hoover

Company: Best Buy

Job Title: Software Engineer

Justin develops and deploys reusable objects based on project needs, and ensures future projects can leverage these development objects. He also plans and maintains project test plans, procedures, cases and data for unit, integration, full systems, regression, and user acceptance testing. His disciplines include J2EE, JSP, O-O design, C++, ASP, HTML, XML, COM, LDAP, EJB, servlets, JSP, and UML.

Justin has recently moved out of the development role and into a role that involves more analysis of the applications built. This includes working with the Quality Assurance side to ensure stability while moving to the production environment. He says Information Technology requires good communication between co-workers. With poor communication, the outcome of the application being delivered may not match the customer's requirements.

Best Buy is in the retail industry, making it essential to understand logistics, accounting, marketing, finance, in-store procedures, etc. He feels that it is very important not only to know his department, but to understand the overall business functions as well.

Name: Tom Holden

Company: Carlson Marketing Group (Consultant)

Job Title: Sr. Applications Developer / Consultant

Tom works as a consultant, billing approximately 3000 hours in the last 2 years. He says that consulting is lucrative but highly stressful. This job requires Tom to work outside of his home and to be on-call at all times.

Tom credits his work in Web programming to his experience with Flash and Photoshop. He concentrates on the N-tier development with J2EE(Java); however he also has experience in Cold Fusion and Active Server Pages. Tom uses business, communication and programming skills every day in his work. To be really successful you have to excel in all three.

Name: Terri Carlson

Company: Minnesota Life

Job Title: Technical Services Consultant

Terri deals with management of technology projects. Most projects are cross-departmental and cross-platform in nature, involving business workflow improvements and development and/or integration of new system solutions. This requires an equal mix of application development and business management skills.

Each work day and project brings Terri new challenges and opportunities to learn. On the application development side Terri defines requirements and identifies, designs, and implements systems and workflow solutions. As a project manager she oversees the work of individuals and project teams of up to 60+ people. Occasionally she even does hands-on work as an applications developer. Terri works to understand the business needs, interact with clients and management, and coordinate and communicate a project's costs and plans.

Name: Andrew Sondgeroth

Company: Intertech-Inc.

Job Title: Java Programming Instructor

Andrew authors and teaches training classes on Java-related topics for companies outside of Intertech-Inc. Topics range from intro level to advanced enterprise level topics like Enterprise JavaBeans, Custom Tag Libraries, and Security. Some of the biggest clients include Target, Best Buy, Wells Fargo, and Lockheed Martin. His classes are approximately every other week giving him time to do research and development. Andrew likes his job because he is always on the cutting edge of technology and learning new things.

Name: Leah Grubich

Company: Retek

Job Title: Software Engineer III

Leah is the lead designer for the web interface for their data warehouse project. She makes the initial plan for the scope of each release, works on designing of new features, writes code, writes test cases for unit and system tests, updates the end user documentation, facilitates the web product packaging, and coordinates the handoff of each new web version to their support team.

Leah is also the front-end technical lead for their team. She enjoys writing code and building an interface that works because she can see the final results of her efforts. Roughly 40% of her time is spent programming. Leah, being the technical lead, does a lot of communicating. She communicates team concerns to the manager, and brings all relevant information from the manager back to the team. The most difficult part of communicating in a technical environment is being able to explain complex ideas and problems clearly.

Leah's job involves creativity/design giving her a sneak peak at what the interface will look like and how it will behave. It is fun and challenging to make something that looks good and can be operated by all users at all levels.