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The graduate management programs provide coaching and mentoring programs to assist and support students in developing individual leadership skills to attain higher levels of achievement in their professional careers.

An optional one-credit Professional Development Seminar (MGT 6700) can be taken in the first year of the program. Completing this course is a prerequisite for participating in the mentoring program that provides up to 15 hours of one-on-one interaction with business executives and similar volunteers who have demonstrated their leadership in our community.

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Expand and Collapse Required Courses

Expand and Collapse MGT 6201 - Seminar Process Consultation

Designed as a graduate seminar in process consultation, building on the content of previous Organizational Behavior and Organization Development courses. The emphasis is on the dynamics of the helping relationship and facilitative role of the change agent in organization change. The course examines theory, reflective learning and process observation, and applied examples through discussion, guest speakers, and case application. (Program Core Curriculum)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6307 - Economics for Decision Making

This course focuses on economic decision making in business, where the application of economic theory guides an organization in achieving its aims or strategic objectives. Economics tools and applications are used to make decisions, assess outcomes and adjust strategy in a global context. The importance of information, competing with a market structure, pricing strategies for firms with varying market power and the nature of industries are covered. A global competitive analysis of a firm in a global market is conducted. A previous course that covers macro- and microeconomic theories is a prerequisite before taking this class. (Common Core Curriculum)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6412 - Management Writing & Resources

Provides students an opportunity to develop and practice their writing skills for graduate coursework. Differences between academic and business writing are examined in terms of audience, purpose, format, and demands. Course includes examples of good academic writing and previews the final project and final project proposal for the MA in Management. (Common Core Curriculum)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6413 - MGT Com & Cultural Competence

Prepares students to develop and direct employees using culturally sensitive interpersonal communication. The course incorporates theory with practice and helps students develop the awareness and skills necessary to manage effectively across cultures in both the domestic and global workplace. (Common Core Curriculum)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6420 - Organizational Behavior

Explores the behavior of people within organizations in terms of the factors that most influence it. Those include factors related to individuals, groups, and the larger organization system. The course utilizes an experiential learning process that helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses as learners. This course is required for students who join the MA in Management and MBA programs. (Common Core Curriculum)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6431 - Research Methods

Studies the basic principles of descriptive and inferential statistics, focusing on their application in conducting business research and understanding the research of others. Topics will include: Probability, frequency distributions and graphs, measures of central tendency, measures of variance, correlations, linear and multiple regression, and hypothesis testing (t-test, analysis of variance, and chi square). Foundation course. (Common Core Curriculum)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6445 - Human Resource Management

Explores how decisions about human resources (HR) contribute to an organization's overall effectiveness. Integrates HR activities with the organization's strategic planning objectives. Students study both traditional and contemporary HR issues from a practitioner's perspective. (Program Core Curriculum)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6450 - Marketing: Consumer Behavior

Provides an overview of marketing principles and practices with emphasis on applications for new managers. The course will emphasize marketing from a strategic perspective, with subsequent focus on key concepts such as consumer behavior and marketing mix. Although the focus will be on participant's application in their own organizations, consideration will also be given to international applications. (Common Core Curriculum)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6455 - Strategic Leadership for Chang

Explores the complex connections among strategy, leadership, and change management. Set in a global environment characterized by rapid technological change, it emphasizes the importance of a leader's capacity to anticipate, envision, and work collaboratively toward a viable organizational future. The course serves as a core curriculum capstone for the MAM and MBA programs and requires students to synthesize and integrate lessons learned in their previous courses. (Common Core Curriculum)

Expand and Collapse Elective Courses

Expand and Collapse MGT 6670 - Professional Development Semin

Seminar will help students achieve clarity about leading themselves to personal and professional success. Through a series of online and classroom assessments and exercises, students will process data received to determine their current strengths, abilities, behavioral tendencies and core values. Armed with this information, they will craft a personal development plan to include mission, purpose, vision, goals and objectives. This will prepare them to maximize the value from their mentor relationships.

Expand and Collapse Concentrations

Expand and Collapse Change Leadership

Expand and Collapse MGT 6205 - Team Development

Introduces students to the theories and practices of team building, development, and maintenance. Emphasis is on identifying interpersonal and team processes, facilitating problem solving, and team effectiveness. Students identify stages of team development, deal with conflict and other team-related issues in the workplace. (Change Leadership or Public Administration Concentration)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6207 - Crisis Management

Provides and introduction to crisis management in organizations. It examines the types of crises encountered, potential impact on the organization and its stakeholders, and strategies for prevention management and recovery. Current events and cases will be presented to explore the ethical, legal, and human implications of these crises. (Change Leadership Concentration)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6208 - Seminar in Organization Develo

Prepares students to construct new knowledge by integrating theories drawn from the discipline of organization development (or planned change). The focus will be on organizational culture and how to manage change and renewal for individuals and institutions. Students will both learn and contribute to the learning of others. The course will be conducted in a seminar format, and each student will be expected to become conversant with a significant academic work (usually a book) by an OD theorist(s) and then share that mastery with classmates. (Change Leadership Concentration)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6209 - Managing Diversity

Introduces students to the many challenges and opportunities differences can create in managing diversity in the workplace. Explores the dynamics of race, ethnicity, culture, nationality, age, class, sexual orientation, physical ability, and other differences that exist in organizations. An examination and analysis of human resources issues such as discrimination, affirmative action, culture differences, and multiculturalism is covered. Students learn human resource development strategies tied to effective implementation of organizational diversity plans. This course challenges students from a personal and professional perspective to think creatively about diversity and diversity planning order to nurture respectful workplaces and improve performance within organizations. (Public Administration Concentration)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6210 - E. Schein Sem: Cape Cod Instit

Among other topics this course explores the philosophy of process consultation as described by its founder Edgar Schein. It is built around a week-long seminar with Schein at the Cape Cod Institute; his scholarly work and clinical practice are cornerstones of the discipline of organization development (OD). Students will integrate course lessons with their current understanding of OD theory and will practice lessons during the Institute and in classroom meetings conducted by the CSS instructor. (Change Leadership Concentration)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6430 - Organization Development

Explores how organizations learn to better utilize their internal resources for the purpose of improving their services and/or products. Also known as "Planned Change," Organization Development exposes students to a variety of theoretical models explaining how and why organizations change, and provides opportunities for students to develop and practice the skills necessary for change management. (Change Leadership or Public Administration Concentration)

Expand and Collapse Healthcare Leadership

Expand and Collapse MGT 6351 - Health Care Administration

Provides an orientation to the current healthcare business environment and service delivery systems. The course presents students with a broad based perspective of key environmental factors influencing current and future trends in healthcare. This approach helps students develop a context for synthesis, discussion and analysis of contemporary issues and trends. (Healthcare Leadership Concentration)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6352 - Performance Improve Hlth Care

Examines the concept of performance management and its application to the health care industry. With health care under extreme pressure from both purchasers and regulatory agencies to improve its performance, many experts predict that only the well-managed health care organizations will survive. (Healthcare Leadership Concentration)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6355 - Health Care Finance

The course will cover finance issues related to healthcare organizations. Topics include: reimbursement analysis, understanding the nature of costs, profitability analysis and preparation of budgets. The class will learn how to analyze financial statements. (Healthcare Leadership Concentration)

Expand and Collapse MGT 6506 - Assessing Healthcare Quality

Assess outcomes research activities, exert leadership in implementing clinical outcomes measurement projects/programs within healthcare organizations and systems. The course focuses on the role patient-centered outcomes information plays in assuring that healthcare systems are able to establish cost-effective clinical practices that do improve the health, functional status and well-being of healthcare consumers, and accreditation and legislative initiatives impacting healthcare outcomes activities. Prerequisites: Admission to a HIM graduate program or permission of department.

Expand and Collapse MGT 6532 - Monitoring and Evaluating Health Programs

Explores methods and processes used to systematically collect and measure information for the purpose of program evaluation. The course integrates several knowledge and skill areas including: research methods, statistics, proposal writing, budget planning, project management, and program evaluation. Prerequisites: Admission to a HIM graduate program or permission of the department.

Expand and Collapse MGT 6545 - Corp Compliance Hlthcre Indust

Addresses a growing need to adequately train health care leaders in the field of health care compliance and various topics in health care compliance, including corporate compliance (fraud and abuse), privacy, risk management and identity theft. Essential elements of a corporate compliance program will be presented as well as primary federal legislation addressing fraud and abuse. Privacy of patient information will be discussed in terms of the HIPPA and HITECH regulations. Risk management concepts will be presented as well as identity theft as relates to medical identity theft. Prerequisites: Admission to a HIM graduate program or permission of the department.

Expand and Collapse IT Leadership

Expand and Collapse CIS 6105 - Strategies of Information Technology

Discussion of best practices in information technology (IT) with focus on how IT is used strategically in different organizations. The current trends in IT are studied and how IT infrastructure is changing in light of these trends. Case studies of specific organizations will be analyzed. (8 weeks)

Expand and Collapse CIS 6208 - IT Project Management

A discussion of the project management process through the framework prescribed by a project management certifying body. Provides an IT perspective of planning, estimating, leading, and monitoring projects. Students will not only use project management software, but will also explore communication and personnel issues related to project management. (8 weeks)