Master's in Management

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The study of human behavior in a business environment

The Master's in Management program focuses on the behavioral elements of management and treats them as part of a practice that can be mastered, much like medicine or law. Its graduates are skilled at identifying and analyzing organizational problems, developing innovative solutions, and making correct, ethical decisions at the most critical times. Students have international learning opportunities through our Capstone Abroad Seminar.

Training effective business leaders

The program is designed to produce graduates who can communicate effectively and professionally in business situations through writing, speaking, listening and electronic media; understand globalization and its impacts on people, businesses and the economy; conceptualize organizational dynamics including structure, functions and systems; integrate personal values with professional ethics and identify, analyze and solve strategic business problems by reflecting, creating, innovating and acting. 

Format and locations

The 40-semester-credits program is offered in an accelerated evening format that allows professionals to maintain their current work schedules while enhancing their knowledge and skills.

The program is offered in Duluth. The nature of graduate studies is such that a significant amount of out-of-class assignments, research and teamwork will complement class instruction.

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