Graduate Areas of Study

M.A. IT Leadership

The Master of Arts in Information Technology Leadership program prepares students to effectively integrate technology solutions that address the challenges facing organizations today. Students gain a solid foundation of mixing both technology theory and real world application of the technology with the communication skills needed to realize the benefits of the technologies.

Master's in Management

The Master's in Management program focuses on the behavioral elements of management and treats them as part of a practice that can be mastered, much like medicine or law. Its graduates are skilled at identifying and analyzing organizational problems, developing innovative solutions, and making correct, ethical decisions at the most critical times. 

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is designed for students who want a broad knowledge base in all areas of business, strong technical skills, professional and personal effectiveness and capabilities in leadership and change management. Understanding of organizations in a global environment is fundamental to the program. Ethics, social responsibility, personal awareness and cultural acumen in a global setting are integrated throughout the curriculum. 

M.S. Project Management

The Master of Science in Project Management is designed for current professionals familiar with the project environment. Curriculum is based upon the offerings from current professionally accredited project management programs and established professional guidelines while maintaining the people-centered leadership approach applied by all School of Business and Technology graduate programs.

Graduate Management Certificates

St. Scholastica offers the following graduate management certificates: Change Leadership, Healthcare Administration and Finance.