Current Students

What classes do I need to take?

Spanish Schema


The CSS Spanish program requires an internship or service-learning experience in a Spanish-speaking context. Many students satisfy this requirement through the College's Cuernavaca Quest program, taking place in Cuernavaca, Mexico, or HECUA's Community Action in Latin America program, taking place in Quito, Ecuador.

Each of these programs offers students the opportunity to engage in volunteer work in an NGO, a social justice agency, a clinical or an education setting. Thus, students gain valuable practical skills often related to their intended career path while working on their linguistic and cultural competencies.

The Spanish faculty also assists students in finding similar programs in other parts of the Spanish-speaking world if they're interested.

K-12 Spanish Education

Besides the above, students pursuing the K-12 Spanish Education track will complete the requisite student teaching and field experiences. Students can become certified teachers of Spanish at the K-12 levels in Minnesota pending successful completion of the state certification exam.

Clubs and Organizations

Two clubs, the Spanish Club and the Latino Student Union, allow students to learn about and explore the Spanish language and Hispanic culture through movies, food, guest speakers, group activities and much more.