Course Offerings in Piano

MUS 1410 - Beginning Class Piano
MUS 1410 is a two-credit course that serves as an introduction to playing piano, reading music, and engaging with musical topics. No prior experience with piano is necessary or assumed. Up to 10 students learn basic musical skills together at individual electronic keyboards, thus allowing for both group and private practice.

MUS 1410 is a conceptions-level Veritas course, meaning that it counts towards students' general education requirements (Fine Arts Pathway). This course is offered in both Fall and Spring semesters. See a sample syllabus for this course

MUS 1411 - Class Piano II
MUS 1411 is a two-credit course that further explores concepts presented in MUS 1410. Students will prepare repertoire pieces, rehearse duets with classmates, and practice sight reading and technical skills together. Students may enroll in Class Piano II by either passing Beginning Class Piano (MUS 1410) or auditioning into it. This course is offered in Spring semesters.

Private Lessons in Piano
One-on-one, private lessons in piano range from 1-4 credit hours and are offered every semester. Lessons are once per week at a time agreed upon between student and instructor. 30-minute lessons are elected by most students, while 60-minute lessons are elected by piano majors and students who have successfully auditioned to "advanced standing." The semester culminates in a casual studio recital, where each student performs one or more repertoire pieces that they learned during the semester. Students may enroll in private lessons by either passing MUS 1411 or by private audition.

Piano accompanying is a one-credit course for advanced pianists who enjoy the social, collaborative aspects of music-making. Accompanying is offered every semester and resembles private lessons in that one weekly lesson will be scheduled between the student and instructor. Students who enroll in Accompanying will be paired up with one or more duo partners (vocalists or instrumentalists) throughout the semester. Weekly lessons will include both private piano instruction and duo coaching with the student and their assigned partner. Enrollment in this course is by audition only and requires at least one semester of private piano lessons with Dr. Susi as a pre-requisite.