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Concert Attendance

MUS 1390, Recital Attendance, is a 0-credit requirement that encourages music majors to broaden and deepen their musical experiences by attending concerts.  All music majors must register for and pass MUS 1390 each semester in order to be considered a music major in good standing and, therefore, to retain a music lesson scholarship. To pass MUS 1390, you must attend at least five concerts per semester and all Musicorums. A list of concerts approved for Recital Attendance will be distributed to music majors each fall, posted on the 4th floor bulletin board, and compiled in a Google calendar. Please note that you are expected to listen attentively to the entire concert.

Why are music majors expected to attend concerts?

Benefits of attending concerts include:

  • Observing professional-level performers gives music students opportunities to see and hear standards of musicianship toward which they themselves may aspire.
  • Attending a variety of different concerts helps music students become aware of repertoire and styles with which they may not be familiar.
  • Attending concerts given by CSS students encourages music students to develop habits of supporting colleagues in their work.
  • Attending concerts given by CSS faculty gives students a broader basis for understanding how faculty members apply academic knowledge to performance.
  • Attending concerts offers students opportunities to reflect on how their learning in music courses relates to the "real" world of music-making. Students are encouraged to pay attention to factors such as:
    • Stage presence and communicative effectiveness
    • Instrumental and vocal techniques
    • Conducting techniques
    • Concert etiquette
    • Repertoire selection
    • Musical style
    • Function of music in society

How do I get credit for concerts I have attended?

You must submit evidence of your attendance to Dr. Craycraft within one week of the concert.  Evidence consists of a copy of the program or ticket with your signature. If necessary, you may be asked to have a faculty member verify that you attended. You must be in the audience, not backstage, to receive credit for attendance.  You can not receive credit for concerts in which you have performed, regardless of the time commitment. Concert attendance records are kept by the Music Department Chair (Dr. Jeremy Craycraft, T4604).  

What if I attend concerts not on the approved list?

You may submit a written reflection of about one page (typed, single spaced) per concert for up to four concerts not on the approved list. Music faculty will be interested in knowing what you noticed at this concert that relates to your lessons, ensembles, and courses in music. Include a discussion of some of the features outlined in the bullet points above. Please e-mail your reflection (in any format) to Dr. Craycraft, who will circulate it among music faculty for their approval.

How is MUS 1390 graded?

MUS 1390 is graded "pass-fail" and appears on your transcript each semester.  You will receive a grade of P (pass) for attending five concerts in a semester.  If you attend only four concerts, you will receive an incomplete (I).  An incomplete must be completed in the first weeks of the following semester.  Students attending fewer than three concerts will automatically receive an F.  These Fs must be made up before graduation.