The Freshwater Review

The Freshwater Review is The College of St. Scholastica's annual journal of literature and art. Published by students and faculty, the journal showcases poetry, fiction, photography, and fine art produced by members of the CSS community.

The Freshwater Review Spring 2013 Cover

The Freshwater Review, Spring 2013.

Whitley Mike, "The Grandfathers" Film, 2012

The Grandfathers by Whitley Mike, Film, 2012.

Cheyanne Sorlie "Salt" Digital Photograph, 2012

Salt by Cheyanne Sorlie, Digital Photograph, 2012.

Dan Branovan "This" Digital Photograph, 2012

This by Dan Branovan, Digital Photograph, 2012.

Isabelle LaCosse "Isabella and Angela" Digital Photograph, 2012

Isabella and Angela by Isabelle LaCosse, Digital Photograph, 2012.

Eric Fryc "Not only is it Deadly" Digital Photograph, 2012

Not only is it Deadly by Eric Fryc, Digital Photograph, 2012.

Jaymie Christensen "The Wick Mountains" Digital Photography, 2012

The Wick Mountains by Jaymie Christensen, Digital Photography, 2012.

Pat Hagen "Edward Caught His Finger in the Thick of the Briar Patch"

Edward Caught His Finger in the Thick of the Briar Patch by Pat Hagen, Pencil, 2012.

Paper Plane by Nikki Braun

A paper plane wrinkles her nose
At the span of land she just kissed
The taste of tile was sudden and bitter,
Not at all what she was expecting
When she first took flight

She lies catching her breath,
Her flattened belly filling with unease.
Words, like makeup masking her face,
Run together, now unrecognizable.

Her wings wilt, not crisp enough
To pick back up under the wind.
She lets loose a whimper, her folded mouth
No longer able to whistle.

She settles and settles into the cold skin
Of the floor below her, because she thinks
It must have been fate that brought her down.