Application Process

Application Process

All College of St. Scholastica students, faculty, and staff who conduct research involving human participants must follow the following steps.

  1. Go to the Purpose page and determine the level of review needed. 
  2. Once you have determined the extent of your review, complete the online tutorial.
  3. Once the tutorial is completed, you may submit your proposal online.  Notify Steve Cope when the application has been submitted.  A Proposal Help Page is available.

Review by the IRB

  1. Please make sure your application is submitted at least 10 days prior to the IRB meeting.  The schedule can be found online.  Email Steve Cope when the application has been submitted.
  2. It is strongly recommended that you attend the college IRB meeting when your proposal is discussed.
  3. The IRB will meet to discuss your proposal. Once the IRB has discussed the proposal, they will invite you into the meeting. At the meeting the researcher may be asked to explain responses to questions in more detail. Generally, these questions pertain to methods of ensuring participants rights and safety, or consider other ethical practices and standards. If changes must be made in the project (for example, obtaining consent letters from participating organizations who provide subjects), the researcher must indicate compliance to these stipulations before the data collection can be initiated. Usually a written notification sent to the Chair of the IRB is sufficient, unless otherwise indicated.
  4. The IRB will then say whether you have:
    1. Passed without revisions--Send an e-copy of your proposal to the Chair of the IRB. You may begin collecting data.
    2. Passed with revisions--Make the revisions required. Send an e-copy of your proposal to the Chair of the IRB. Then you may begin to collect your data.
    3. Not Passed--Make the changes suggested and resubmit your proposal to the IRB.
  5. If there are any substantial changes in the project following approval that would have impact on human participants (e.g., switching from non-vulnerable to vulnerable subjects), the revision must be resubmitted for approval before the research continues.

If you have questions or comments on these procedures, please contact:
Steve Cope, Chair, IRB, HSC322, 218-723-5915