Assessment Activities at CSS:

By September 1, 2016, the College must submit a report to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) that addresses Assessment of Student Learning concerns, specifically in the areas of general education and extended studies. CSS must demonstrate that assessment of student learning is:

  1. an institutional priority,
  2. tied to the budgeting and planning processes,
  3. able to addresses identified weaknesses, and
  4. sustainable

The Assessment 9.16 Steering Committee has been charged with responding to the HLC report by developing and implementing a plan for assessment of student learning across the institution. Meet the members:

  • Chair: Iwalani Else - Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Faculty Co-Chair: Jill Dupont - MCOD/Diversity Initiative
  • James Crane - School of Arts and Letters
  • Bret Amundson - General Education
  • Lynn Kalnbach - School of Business and Technology
  • Pam Oachs - School of Health Sciences
  • Megan Perry-Spears - Student Affairs
  • Sheryl Sandahl - School of Nursing
  • Douglas Walton - School of Science
  • Neil Witikko - School of Education

Assessment Resources: