Institutional Research and Assessment

Mission and Goals

The mission of the St. Scholastica Institutional Research and Assessment (IRA) Office is to improve quality at the institution by facilitating the College-wide assessment process, summarizing and distributing current information about the institution, and providing comparative information to be used for institutional decision-making.

Specific goals of the Office include:

  1. Providing accurate and consistent information about the institution to both internal and external sources
  2. Providing assistance with individual assessment and evaluation projects, including development of learning outcomes, selection or creation of appropriate assessment tools, data analysis/interpretation, and use of results
  3. Gathering and interpreting benchmarking information and other research which can be used to inform institutional decision-making
  4. Maintaining information and resources which will assist faculty and staff with their assessment and other information needs
  5. Participating in the academic program review process

Contact Us

Iwalani Else, Ph.D.
(218) 723-6583