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Teaching Consultation Program

The Center for Teaching Excellence offers teaching consultation services to all who teach at the College of St. Scholastica.

  • Is there an aspect of your teaching that you'd like to enhance this semester?
  • Do you have questions about your teaching that you'd like to address now?
  • Are you interested in having one of your class sessions observed for your own professional development?
  • Would you like to discuss a syllabus, lesson plan, assignment, or rubric with someone outside your department?

If so, you're invited to a Teaching Consultation. Contact, to get started. Consultations are available at all campuses and via phone or online classess.

Example consultation topics include:

  • Improving student engagement
  • Enhancing questioning techniques for discussions
  • Providing effective student feedback in class
  • Clarifying instructions or assessment rubrics
  • Managing class time effectively
  • Facilitating small-group work or pair work in class

You set the focus

Teaching consultations at the Center for Teaching Excellence are aimed at enhancing how you teach. During the consultation, you'll be guided to narrow in on what aspect of your teaching is most important to you right now in a particular course. Because you'll be consulting with a fellow faculty member who is outside your department, the focus stays on how you're teaching, not what.


Peer consultants offer you their observational skills and use their teaching knowledge to gather the information you request at one of your class sessions. Your Peer Consultant will then work through the information with you as you view your teaching from another perspective and begin to make further teaching decisions.


Your participation in the program remains entirely confidential. You decide how much information you want to share with your colleagues about your teaching consultation. All feedback to faculty is provided verbally. Documentation of participation in the program is available from the Center for Teaching Excellence upon request.

Three streamlined steps

After a preliminary phone or in-person conversation with Lisa, you'll be matched with a Peer Consultant who is a St. Scholastica faculty member from outside your department.

Step 1: Meet with your Peer Consultant to discuss the context and set the focus
Step 2: Your Peer Consultant observes your class or reviews documents you provide
Step 3: You meet again with your Peer Consultant to discuss the information gathered and consider next steps.

After the consultation is complete, you're welcome to engage in another teaching consultation on another topic or a follow-up topic.

To request a teaching consultation or for further information, contact

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