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Organizational Behavior

The School of Business and Technology combines an academic emphasis on liberal arts with discipline learning to create global leaders with strong professional skills who act with integrity and a strong sense of social responsibility. The school offers a variety of programs including: Accounting, Applied Economics, Computer Information Systems, Finance, Organizational Behavior, Management, and Marketing.

Mission statement

We develop leaders who embody the values of the School of Business and Technology and consistently demonstrate the highest levels of ethical decision-making, social responsibility, global awareness, and professional excellence.

Values of the School of Business and Technology

Respect: Value the dignity and worth of all people, and use all resources responsibly.
Fairness: Treat all justly and equitably.
Courage: Act in accordance with one's beliefs.
Love of Learning: Investigate and integrate the broad spectrum of human experience to enrich life.
Innovation: Create and implement new ideas.
Community: Share responsibility and develop a sense of unity while valuing the uniqueness of the individual.
Dean: Dr. Lynne Hamre