Women and Gender Studies

Women's and Gender Studies Program

The Women's and Gender Studies Program provides opportunities for students to think beyond the boundaries of traditional gender roles in  academics, in institutions, and in everyday life. The program includes a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. The program follows an interdisciplinary approach, encouraging students to explore diverse experiences and perspectives. Individual courses seek to transform the learner's world view by giving careful attention to the scholarship of the discipline from multicultural perspectives. Students integrate classroom knowledge with hands-on service learning opportunities and a capstone seminar.

Director: Denise Starkey, Ph.D.

Women's Studies minor:

The Women's Studies minor requires 20 credits within two schools, including at least three departments.

The following courses are required:

WGS 1011 Introduction to Women's Studies
WGS 4555 Women's Studies Practicum/Seminar

The following courses are electives:

CTA 2525 - Media, Race and Theory
ENG 1130 - Introduction to Women's Literature (I, IV)
ENG 3370 - Studies in Women's Literature (offered every other year)
HIS 3320 - Women in United States History I (VII).
HIS 3321 - Women in United States History II (VII)
HIS/WGS 3324 - African American History I (I,VII)
HIS/WGS 3325 - African American History II (I,VII)
HIS/WGS 3350 - Feminism and Globalization: Women, Religion and the Body
HUM 2150 - Ethnicity and the Performing Arts
INS 3320 - American Indian Women: Myth and Reality (I, II)
LIS 2220 - Dance, Gender, & Culture
MUS 3309 - World Music
PHL 3360 - Philosophies of Feminism (WI)
PSY 3340 - Psychology of Gender (offered every other year)
GCL 2231 - Cultural Anthropology (I, II)
SOC 2433 - The Family and Society (I, II)
TRS/WGS 2243 - Women and Religion (X)
TRS 3380 - Women's Spirituality and Literature (I,WI)
TRS 4440 - Women Mystics (X,WI)
WGS 2777 - Topics in Women's Studies
Various departments offer courses that are applicable to women's studies. Check with the director for current offerings on the schedule.