Women and Gender Studies

Women's and Gender Studies Program

The Women's and Gender Studies Program at the College of St. Scholastica offers a minor designed to cultivate critical thinking about women, sexuality, and gender as it engages with topics of immediate social and political concern. These issues include objectification of women in media and advertising, wars on women's bodies and reproductive health, trafficking of women and girls, systemic sexism within institutions, homophobia, and racism in white middle-class feminist movements.

To introduce students to the history and complexity of these political, intellectual, and cultural issues, the program stresses the critical importance of feminist theory, intersectionality, and global engagement with women's and LGBT movements and lived experiences in the United States and around the world. In this sense, the program turns on a debate that remains central to Women's Studies - the relationship between academics and activism, between theory and practice.

Students graduating from St. Scholastica with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies have pursued careers in healthcare, midwifery, advocacy, publishing, and have completed graduate study in the humanities, social work, and management.

The WGS program offers both research and internship opportunities. The minor seminar/capstone course (WGS 4555) requires a fifteen-page paper of original research in women's and gender studies, as well as the completion of a thirty-hour practicum. Practicums have been completed at Safe Haven, PAVSA, the YWCA, and the Duluth Building for Women.

Director: Denise Starkey, Ph.D.

Program Outcomes

Through this minor, students will:

● Analyze written, visual, and musical forms of expression and representation related to gender.
● Demonstrate knowledge of research methods in the humanities and sciences informing the critical and historical study of women, sexuality, and gender.
● Critique, assess, and construct arguments based on theoretical sophistication and historical investigation of gender expression.
● Examine the ways race, ethnicity, religion, class, sexuality, and other social categories and identities intersect with gender.

Women's Studies minor:

The Women's Studies minor requires 20 credits within two schools, including at least three departments.

The following courses are required:

WGS 1011 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
WGS 4555 Women and Gender Studies Practicum/Seminar

The following courses are electives:

ENG 1130 Studies in Women's Literature

GCL/WGS 2220 Dance, Gender, & Culture

GCL/WGS 2231 Cultural Anthropology 

HIS 3320 Women in United States History I 
HIS 3321 Women in United States History II 
HIS/WGS 3324 African American History I 
HIS/WGS 3325 African American History II 

HIS 3333 Sports in American History

HON 3350  Psychology of Human Sexuality

PHL 3360 Philosophies of Feminism 

PSY 3340 Psychology of Gender 
SWK 3350 Understanding Systems of Privilege and Oppression 

TRS/WGS 2243 Women and Religion
WGS 3350 Feminism and Globalization
Various departments offer courses that are applicable to women's studies. Check with the director for current offerings on the schedule.