The Department of Global, Cultural and Language Studies at The College of St. Scholastica offers both a major and a minor in Spanish. The courses in the program combine academic and experiential learning to prepare students with the linguistic and cultural skills to engage in responsible living and meaningful work in Spanish-language contexts. Through the exploration of language, history, culture, literature, service-learning, and contemporary issues in the Spanish-speaking world, the major and minor encourage communicative competency and the appropriate interpersonal/intercultural skills in both foreign and domestic settings. The programs prepare students with a solid background for work in or continued learning about Spanish and Latino cultures. Students may pursue a Minnesota K-12 license to teach Spanish by completing the Spanish major and the appropriate education courses as specified below.

Requirements for the major in Spanish

Core Courses: 16 - 22 credits required.

SPN 2101 - Intermediate Spanish I or SPN 2150 Intermediate Spanish I in Mexico: 4 credits
SPN 2102 - Intermediate Spanish II: 4 credits
SPN 3101 - Advanced Spanish in Context I: 4 credits
SPN 3102 - Advanced Spanish in Context II: 4 credits
An Internship or Service-Learning placement in Spanish (GCL 4555): 0 - 6 credits

Civilization and Culture courses: 4 credits required.

SPN 3601 - Civilization:  Spain: 2 credits
SPN 3602 - Civilization: Latin America: 2 credits
SPN 3603 - Hispanics in the US: 2 credits

Literature courses: 6 credits required.

SPN 2514 - Hispanic Poetry: 2 credits
SPN 3516 - Hispanic Short Stories: 2 credits
SPN 3901 - Hispanic Women Writers: 2 credits
SPN 3930 - Mitos y leyendas en español: 2 credits
SPN 3951 - Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature: 4 credits
SPN 3777 - Topics in Hispanic Literature: 2 - 4 credits

Elective credits: (May include additional courses in Culture/Civilization and Literature): 14 credits required.

ENG 2280 - Literature in Translation*: 4 credits
HIS/GCL 3307 - Latin American History: 4 credits
GCL 2050 - Introduction to Mexico: 4 credits

SPN 3220 - Conversación en español
GCL 3202 - Culture Through Film (Hispanic Films): 2 credits
GCL/SPN 3303 - The Other Americas: 4 credits
SPN 3150 - Spanish Conversation in Mexico: 4 credits
SPN 3777 - Topics in Spanish: 2 - 4 credits

SPN 4200 - Spanish for Health Care Professionals: 2 credits

SPN 4777 - Topics: 2 - 4 credits

SPN 4999- Independent Study: 0-8 credits

Total credits required for Spanish major: 40 - 46 credits
* Only when the topic is Spanish language literature in translation.

  • Up to 4 credits in English may count toward the major. These credits may include GCL/SPN 3303, GCL/HIS 3307, and GCL 3202 (Hispanic Films). Other courses in English may count with the prior consent of the Spanish faculty.
  • Coursework taken while studying abroad in non-CSS programs may replace courses in the program with the prior consent of the Spanish faculty.
  • Study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country is strongly recommended, including for the K-12 Teaching Preparation Track.

K-12 Teaching Preparation Track

Students pursuing a Minnesota K-12 license to teach Spanish must complete the following:

  • The Spanish major
  • SPN 3440 Spanish Teaching Methods course (4 cr.)
  • SPN 3445 Spanish Methods Field Experience (1 cr.)
  • Middle/Secondary Education requirements (see Education Department for details)

Requirements for the minor in Spanish

  • Twenty credits beyond the level of SPN 1112. Students who test out of SPN 2101 and/or SPN 2102 will have the value of the credits for these courses counted toward the minor.
  • SPN 3101 or SPN 3102. Similar courses in a study-abroad program may replace this course with prior approval from CSS Spanish faculty. Prerequisite: SPN 2102.
  • At least one Spanish language literature course.
  • Completion of one of the following civilization or culture courses: GCL/SPN 3303, GCL/HIS 3307, SPN 3601, SPN 3602, or SPN 3603. In lieu of these courses, students may participate in a semester-long program to a Spanish-speaking country, with the prior consent of CSS Spanish faculty.
  • Up to one course taught in English may count toward the minor. These courses include GCL/SPN 3303, HIS 3307, and GCL 3202 (Hispanic Films). Other courses in English may count with prior approval from CSS Spanish faculty.
  • GCL 4555 (GCL Internship) may count toward the minor with prior approval from CSS Spanish faculty.