Photography minor

The visual image is ubiquitous in American culture. One cannot venture far without seeing photographs used in news, entertainment, advertising, sports and other applications. Photography also has played a key role in shaping our collective memory of watershed events. Photography is communication. Photography is art. Students who revel in creative image-making and want to use the camera as an expressive tool would find value in the photo minor at St. Scholastica. A photo minor dovetails with related careers, especially in the advertising, public relations, graphic design and publication fields.

Photography minor coordinator: Edward Smith.

The Photography minor requires at least 22 credits to include ART/CTA 1107, 2207, 2041, 3327, 4427, 4999. The independent study in Photography is a project agreed upon between the student and photography instructor that results in a student exhibition. Students may substitute a topics course in photography for one of the required courses.

Photography minor outcomes

  1. Students will master technical film and print processing skills in black and white, color, and some 19th century printing techniques and appropriate aesthetic display of these photographs.
  2. Students will learn about digital photography and be conversant in using modern digital photographic manipulation software.
  3. Students will continuously study photography aesthetics and be able to distinguish major principles of composition across a variety of photographic applications.