HECUA Programs Fall

HECUA Programs in Fall Semesters

Visit www.hecua.org and/or contact Dave Schuettler dschuett@css.edu for additional information.

Ecuador – Community Internships in Latin America (CILA): Applications due March 15.

Explore current issues such as globalization, the environment, and ethnic diversity with a focus on community participation and social change. The program includes a home stay with an Ecuadorean family for the duration. A minimum of two years college-level Spanish is required.

The New Norway: Applications due March 15.

Investigate the dramatic changes in Northern Europe by critically analyzing the development of the Norwegian welfare state through a wide range of topics such as globalization theories, nation-building and national identity, governance and political party systems, European integration, racial thinking, histories of racialization, international aid politics, sexuality, and environmentalism. Classes are held at the University of Oslo. All coursework is in English.

New Zealand Culture and Environment: Applications due March 15.

Examines how social and environmental factors are shaping political and ecological dimensions of identity and culture, and how New Zealanders from many different backgrounds are envisioning and creating a shared future in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Democracy and Social Change in Northern Ireland: Applications due March 15.

Student examine the historical, political and religious roots of the sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland, the prospects for peace, and the progress being made. Through readings, lectures, discussions, internships, group and independent study projects and field experiences this program invites interaction with people involved in social change. The program explores theoretical approaches to understanding conflict and its transformation as well as the processes underway in Northern Ireland to create a sustainable democracy.

Environmental Sustainability: Science, Public Policy and Community Action: Applications due April 15.

This program takes an integrated approach to environmental issues, addressing the linkages between rural and urban concerns as well as the way local decisions relate to regional and global trends. Topics include sustainable agriculture, land use management and watershed protection, industrial pollution, energy projection and consumption, transportation, urbanization and suburban sprawl. Based in the Twin Cities metropolitan area with field trips throughout southern Minnesota.

Writing for Social Change: Applications due April 15.

Through creative writing workshops, literary study, and an internship, students examine the role of literature and writers address social issues and become agents for change. Based in the Twin Cities, students get to know numerous literary arts organizations, publishers, and schools while learning to find their own voice.

Inequality in America: Applications due April 15.

Explore the issues of poverty and inequality by studying the economy, housing, education, welfare, government policies, urban sprawl, and racial issues that intertwine to make this a persistent problem. Explore also solutions and participate in an internship that is committed to social transformation. Based in the Twin Cities.