Philosophy Course Descriptions

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PHL 1105 - Logic ( V: Analytical Reasoning ) ( Foundations: VFMA - Mathematics ) - 4 cr.
Designed to improve skills in reasoning, the course addresses validity in deductive arguments, criteria for inductive reasoning and critical thinking skills in general.

PHL 1114 - The Philosophical Perspective ( IX: Philosophy ) - 4 cr.
Introduces students to the philosophical perspective on issues of human concern from what it means to exist as a person, to the nature and existence of God, including freedom/determinism, the nature of reality, and the good society. It practices students in critical thinking about living a good life.

PHL 2205 - Philosophy of Person ( IX: Philosophy ) - 4 cr.
Explores a variety of dimensions of being human in seeking to answer the question, "Who am I?" Issues read about and discussed include whether or not there is a specific "human" nature shared by all; the role of gender in reaching an understanding of what it means to be a person; tensions between freedom and community; the human relationship to nature and whether or not there is any spiritual dimension to existence. Study of both traditional and contemporary writers is included.

PHL 2214 - Introductory Ethics ( IX: Philosophy ) - 4 cr.
Study of major ethical theories, critical examination of the adequacy of each theory and an attempt at making decisions regarding contemporary issues by using some of the theories. Topics, which vary, include current personal and social issues.

PHL 2220 - Philosophy of Religion ( IX: Philosophy ) - 4 cr.
What is religion? This is the question this course seeks to answer from a philosophical perspective. Answering this question demands an examination of topics such as: the existence of God; the nature of God in Western religions; theodicy (the problem of evil); faith and reason; religious experience; religious pluralism; feminism and philosophy of religion; science and religion; modernity and religion; non-Western philosophy of religion; and life without religion.

Crosslist Course:

PHL 2223 - Political Philosophy ( IX: Philosophy ) - 4 cr.
What is the good society? What is the relationship between the individual and society? What does it mean to think of humans as political animals? What is justice? The course explores a variety of answers to these questions in the context of political issues such as civil disobedience, obligation to the law/conscience, liberty and equality, racism, feminism, multiculturalism and the possibility of Utopian communities.

PHL 2777 - Philosophy course - 0-4 cr.

PHL 3301 - American Indian Philosophy ( I: Cultural Diversity, IX: Philosophy, X: Religion ) - 4 cr.
Philosophy and religious systems, shamanistic and priesthood societies, reversion and amalgamation religions, the American Indian Religious Freedom Act, philosophy and social movements.

Crosslist Courses: INS 3301, RES 3301

PHL 3302 - History of Ancient & Med Phil ( IX: Philosophy, WI: Writing Intensive ) - 4 cr.
Roots of Western thought examined as found in the writings of the ancient Greeks, including Plato and Aristotle, and the medieval Christian, Jewish and Arab philosophers and philosopher/theologians including Augustine, Boethius, Anselm, Aquinas, Maimonides and Averroes.

PHL 3304 - Renaissance and Modern Phil ( IX: Philosophy, WI: Writing Intensive ) - 4 cr.
Explores the writings of the major figures from the 14th to the 19th centuries. These texts serve as the starting point for reflecting critically on major themes of modern thought related to science, art, religion, and politics.

PHL 3345 - Contemporary Philosophy ( IX: Philosophy, WI: Writing Intensive ) - 4 cr.
Examines 20th and 21st century philosophers and philosophical movements with a focus on critical reading of texts and the interplay between philosophy and other ways of constructing a meaningful contemporary life.

PHL 3350 - Contemporary Ethical Issues ( IX: Philosophy, WI: Writing Intensive ) - 4 cr.
Examines ethical issues of contemporary concern. Course includes issues relating to medicine, government, business and interpersonal relationships.

PHL 3360 - Philosophies of Feminism ( IX: Philosophy, WI: Writing Intensive ) - 4 cr.
Examines theoretical accounts of the relation between women and men in present society, identification of assumptions within the feminist accounts, and evaluation of proposals for change.

PHL 3369 - Metaphysics ( IX: Philosophy, WI: Writing Intensive ) - 4 cr.
How is what is real known and categorized? Why have people and peoples differed in their accounts? Course looks at the major theories in Western metaphysics and compares and contrasts them with metaphysical views of other cultures.

PHL 3371 - Aesthetics Seminar - 4 cr.
An upper division Writing Intensive seminar in which students explore the specialized field of Aesthetics within Philosophy. Course topics vary in their relationship to analyzing processes of perception and forming judgments of taste. Students will demonstrate their abilities to read and analyze primary and secondary literature relating to aesthetic theory by applying these course materials to their own life experiences through discussions, presentations, and written critical reflections.

PHL 3777 - Topics in Philosophy - 1-4 cr.

PHL 4420 - Philosophy of Science ( IX: Philosophy, WI: Writing Intensive ) - 4 cr.
Looks at such questions as: What is science and what is it not? What are theories, models, laws and hypotheses? How do scientific theories change? What is the method and domain of science? Does science have a monopoly on "truth" about the world or does it ever achieve it?

PHL 4444 - Seminar - 1-4 cr.
Emphasizes using the critical, analytical, and communication skills participants have learned in their philosophical studies. This is a course for Philosophy majors who will work closely with each other and faculty in exploring a selected topic or text in seminar format.

PHL 4777 - Topics In Philosophy - 1-4 cr.

PHL 4999 - Independent Study - 1-4 cr.
A topic of student's own choosing is pursued with guidance of instructor.