Global, Cultural, and Language Studies Course Descriptions

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GCL 1101 - Global Cult & Lang Studies ( I ) - 4 cr.
As an introduction to the study of intercultural and global relations, this course examines what binds us to, and separates us from, other peoples and other places. Students utilize an interdisciplinary approach to investigate cultural and political processes which shape and transform social, economic, and personal identities in global contexts, and to engage with concerns of equality and social justice in their local communities and in the world. Required for a major or minor in GCL.

GCL 1777 - Topics - 1-12 cr.

GCL 1999 - GCL Independent Study - 1-4 cr.
Independent Study.

GCL 2001 - Intro to Political Science ( II ) - 4 cr.
Introduction to the discipline of political science and the nature of political discourse, institutions and organizations. Topics range from politics and culture to terrorism and international relations.

GCL 2050 - Introduction to Mexico ( VII ) - 0-4 cr.
This course focuses on understanding the social and cultural differences between the United States and Mexico. Particular attention is given to the social goals of the Mexican Revolution and how Mexico has attempted to address or ignore these goals while striving to develop its economy and society in the shadow of the world's remaining superpower. Learning activities include readings, guest lectures by Mexican social activists and academics, excursions to sites of historical and cultural importance, reflection papers, and group discussion. The course is a required component of the Semestre en México program and is taught in English.

GCL 2111 - Migration, Diaspora, Identity ( I, II ) - 4 cr.
Investigates questions of migration, diaspora, and identity in general theoretical terms and in particular areas of the world. Builds on the themes of Place, People, Power, and Praxis introduced in GCL 1101. Emphasis, utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, on processes of migration, transculturalism, transnationalism and matters of language, citizenship, refugees, poverty, racism, human trafficking, and human rights.

GCL 2201 - Peaceful Resolution Intl Confl ( II ) - 4 cr.
Examination of international armed conflict as an historical and cultural phenomenon. An emphasis is placed on causes of international armed conflict. Conventional (and unconventional) approaches to international conflict resolution are covered. Discussion of contemporary issues is included.

GCL 2205 - Deaf Culture in the United States - 2 cr.
Is an introduction to various aspects of the deaf community as a linguistic and cultural minority group. Designed for individuals who may or may not have had prior experience with Deaf people, the course raises questions concerning the nature of sign language and its varieties, the education of Deaf people, the historical treatment of Deaf people, the sociological and cultural issues important to the deaf community, and political activism.

GCL 2220 - Dance, Gender and Culture ( I, VIII ) - 4 cr.
A study of the body as an expressive instrument, a site of social conditioning, and a means of shaping and conveying identity. The course is organized thematically, with a specific dance culture to illustrate a set of issues ranging from sexuality, desire, and exoticism to empowerment and assertion of identity through dance. Through readings and analysis of performance, our study of dance as a cultural phenomenon leads us to investigations of history, politics, social dynamics and the shifting categories of race, class and gender, belief and cultural identity.

GCL 2231 - Cultural Anthropology ( I, II ) - 4 cr.
Addresses concepts, methods, and theories exploring social and cultural life across time and space, including the changing concept of culture itself. The course is an introduction to ethnographic fieldwork methods and to the practice of anthropology, with attention to the impact of contemporary social forces on the diverse societies that make up the modern world.

GCL 2777 - Topics - 0-4 cr.

GCL 3001 - Politics of Globalization ( II ) - 4 cr.
Divergent points of views and forms of analysis that surround the debate over globalization. The course stresses the fact that globalization is not only about economics and politics but also includes wide-ranging cultural, social and moral issues confronting the world community.

GCL 3101 - Advanced Social & Cult Theory - 4 cr.
This seminar course focuses specifically on the investigation of culture at a level of depth suited to juniors and seniors. Participants investigate language, culture, media, representation, and power through a variety of disciplinary and theoretical lenses. Frameworks to be analyzed include subaltern, transcultural, and dependency theory alongside Western theories and tools such as postcolonial, poststructuralist, Marxist, and feminist theory.

GCL 3200 - Popular Music/Political Movmnt ( I, VIII ) - 4 cr.
Political and social movements are peoples' collective efforts to transform history. This course examines political movements from the unique perspective of popular music performers who, throughout history and across cultures, have used song and dance as liberating and mobilizing forces for political action. Throughout the course, we will examine social and political movements from an interdisciplinary perspective, applying social change theory, literary theory, liberation theology and feminist theory to popular music. Tracing these movements through their particular historical and cultural contexts, we will explore the impact of popular music on social transformation and political change.

GCL 3202 - Culture Through Film ( I, VIII ) - 2 cr.
An exploration of film as cultural expression and as a medium through which the viewer may explore cross cultural issues. Section 001 French Culture Section 002 German Culture Section 003 Native American Culture Section 004 Russian Culture Section 005 Hispanic Culture.

GCL 3250 - Voices of the Earth: Eco/Indig ( IX ) - 4 cr.
This course intends to guide students in their search for a deeper understanding of relevant aspects that affect their relationship with nature, land and local environments. Students will review philosophical concepts that relate individual behavior and attitudes with key elements of nature and its laws. This relationship is deeply influenced by the way we listen and transmit through generations those voices that call for a life with peace, love and justice.

GCL 3301 - Human Rights ( II ) - 4 cr.
Inquiry into the nature and role of human rights in the context of current international relations. Issues to be addressed range from the relationship between individual and collective rights to the problems of implementation of these rights. Among topics to be considered are torture, political repression, rights of women and indigenous peoples and cultural diversity.

GCL 3302 - Europe Today ( I, II ) - 4 cr.
An examination of contemporary trends that are pushing toward increasing political and economic cooperation among European states. In addition, the course will explore forces at work that are resisting tendencies toward European unity. The course includes geographical, cultural, social, political and economic elements.

GCL 3303 - The Other Americas ( I, II ) - 4 cr.
Cross-listed with SPN 3303. Taught in English. A course designed to introduce the student to the complex issues concerning contemporary Latin America. Students will explore current topics and events from a multidisciplinary point of view.

GCL 3304 - Russia Since 1900 ( VII ) - 4 cr.
Survey of 20th century Russia against the background of its rich history. Focuses on the political, cultural and intellectual history of this giant country with an emphasis on comparisons with its European neighbors.

GCL 3307 - Modern Latin American History ( I, VII ) - 4 cr.
Provides an introduction to 19th- and 20th-century Latin American history. Themes and issues will include the colonial legacy, modernization and nationalism, religion and politics, the revolutionary experience of the 20th century, the role of women and the continuing struggles of indigenous people.

GCL 3401 - Health Care Across Cultures ( I, WI ) - 4 cr.
An analysis of the influence of culture on health beliefs, values and healthcare practices. Through interactive exercises, case studies, interviews, guest speakers, reflection papers, research and literature, the course investigates the increasingly complex intersection between healthcare delivery and culture. Students also examine the value assumptions of their own health beliefs in an effort to increase their effectiveness in intercultural healthcare settings.

GCL 3777 - Topics - 0-8 cr.

GCL 3915 - The Tanzanian Experience ( I ) - 2 cr.
Examines the concepts of culture, cultural competence and collaboration from an interdisciplinary lens while preparing for a service-learning experience in Tanzania. Includes exploration of equity and justice issues through critical examination of personal and professional values in light of the Benedictine values which are also embraced by our hosts --- the Benedictine Sisters of St. Agnes in Tanzania.

GCL 3999 - Independent Study - 1-8 cr.
Description coming soon.

GCL 4001 - Senior Seminar - 2 cr.
A seminar which creates a challenging and supportive environment of inquiry and intellectual community. Integrates learning throughout a student's education, provides resources to guide the student's individual research project, creates the support network and sense of accountability of a graduate-level writing group, as well as a colloquium environment for presenting final projects. Offered concurrently with the Intro (1101) course, the seminar allows these students to share their knowledge, expertise, and research projects with the students who are just beginning the program.

Prerequisite Course: GCL 3101

GCL 4402 - Environmental Politics ( I, WI ) - 4 cr.
An examination of what kinds of international institutions are best suited to deal with global environmental problems; the role of nongovernmental organizations; and the relationship between varying models of development and the environment. Particular attention is given to a series of case studies that focus on indigenous peoples and environmental issues as well as the nature of environmental racism.

GCL 4411 - Strangers in Their Own Land ( I, WI ) - 4 cr.
Examines the consequences of colonization on the cultural consciousness of a people by responding to the following questions: What implications do the effects of colonization have for literature written by a once subjugated people who have not had control over their own space? Whose personal history has been detoured by the intrusion of a colonizer? Whose sense of time, space, selfhood, and expression is dictated by an outsider's interpretation of the meanings of all of these? And ultimately, how does a postcolonial writer negotiate or construct reality through literature?

GCL 4555 - GCL Internship - 0-6 cr.
Done in an international setting appropriate to the student’s field of interest. Student is supervised by a site supervisor. Evaluation of performance will be completed by the site supervisor, internship advisor and student. Students may obtain additional information about internships from appropriate language faculty. Prerequisite: approval of instructor.

GCL 4777 - Topics - 0-4 cr.

GCL 4999 - Independent Study - 0-16 cr.
Independent Study.