Master of Science in Project Management

Master of Science in Project Management

Organizations apply projects to drive innovation and change and are becoming increasingly dependent upon the successful execution of projects. Leading these project efforts are project managers. Project managers are the individuals leading, directing, and guiding the project team and applying project resources to successful outcomes. Project managers lead teams of cross-disciplinary specialists and interact and coordinate activities with functional units across the organization. This leadership role is responsible for initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing the project. In order to succeed in this role, the project manager must be proficient in the processes, tools, and techniques specific to the project environment. While managers in the operations environment may become project managers, preparation for careers in management do not directly translate into careers in project management; project managers require specialized training and experience in order to succeed in the project environment.
The Master of Science in Project Management degree is designed to enable students to apply project management concepts and techniques to the modern project environment. Students develop the skills and knowledge needed to successfully lead complex projects across the world. Throughout the courses students are introduced to skills and techniques to lead cross-disciplinary teams, effectively direct project efforts, make informed and ethical decisions, and assess and improve existing project management practices.

Program Description
The Master of Science in Project Management program prepares students for a career in project management. The Project Management program develops students proficient in the concepts, skills, and techniques of project management. Additionally, this leadership degree program prepares students to lead successful global projects and to further the organization's strategic priorities through the effective application of project management practices, proven project processes and methods, and ethical leadership and decision making.

The 37 semester credit program is offered through an online format, which allows professionals to maintain their current employment status while enhancing their knowledge and skills. Students enroll in the foundational and advanced courses during the first year and specialization courses and capstone project during the second year. All courses are taken online and the program ends with a student research symposium on the Duluth campus.

Program Outcomes
Upon completion of the Project Management program at The College of St. Scholastica, the graduate will be able to:
• Effectively communicate with all stakeholders in a global project environment
• Apply current project management methods, skills, and tools
• Assess and improve an organization's project management practices
• Evaluate projects in both an operational and strategic context
• Guide projects toward effective organizational change
• Incorporate ethics and values into project leadership and decision making

Admission Requirements
The Master of Science in Project Management program considers applicants who:
1. Submit a completed Graduate Admissions Application form online.
2. Earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.
3. Have a minimum two years of experience working in a project environment.
4. Submit all official transcripts of relevant course work necessary for admission.
5. Earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 in undergraduate coursework.
6. Submit a completed Master of Science in Project Management Essay.
7. Submit two Graduate Recommendation forms from individuals who have observed or evaluated your leadership competencies or abilities.

International Applicants will need to complete additional admission requirements.
Note: Meeting minimal entrance requirements does not necessarily guarantee admission.

Application Deadline
Application deadlines for priority consideration:
• Deadline is August 15 for the Fall start
• Deadline is January 1 for the Spring start
Review of completed application files will continue until all open seats for the program are filled.

 Degree Requirements
A total of 37 semester credits are required for graduation, including credits for the capstone project. Credit toward the degree will be given for courses with a grade of 2.0 or better; students are expected to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0. A maximum of six (6) graduate semester credits may be transferred from another college or university if approved by the student's advisor and/or the program director. Students possessing a Project Management Institute PMP certification may substitute this certification in place of the PRM6110 and PRM6115 required courses but may not transfer additional college or university credits. The Master of Science in Project Management graduate program must be completed within seven years and students must make sufficient academic progress toward the degree during their enrollment. Students not enrolled for more than two consecutive semesters are required to reapply to the program before enrolling in additional courses. Credits that are more than seven years old as of the date of graduation do not count toward the degree.

The Master of Science in Project Management curriculum is made up of 13 courses for a total of 37 credits. The curriculum consists of 4 foundational courses to prepare students with the basic project management skills and knowledge, 3 advanced project management courses, 3 global and strategic specialization courses, and 3 courses associated with the capstone project. The foundational courses should be completed prior to enrolling in the advanced and specialization courses and there are course prerequisites identified in the course descriptions.

Summary of Curriculum

Foundational Courses
CIS 6101: Leadership Communications
PRM6110: Project Management Essentials I
PRM6115: Project Management Essentials II
PRM6119: Strategic Decision Making

Advanced Courses
PRM6225: Procurement and Budget Management
PRM6234: Project Risk and Quality Management
PRM6242: Emerging Topics in Project Management

Specialization Courses
PRM6556: Organizational Change Leadership
PRM6567: Global and Cultural Competency
PRM6586: Leading Global and Distributed Teams

Capstone Project Courses
CIS 6795: Research and Writing
CIS 6800: Capstone Project I
CIS 6900: Capstone Project II