School of Business and Technology Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates

The School of Business & Technology graduate management programs offer a range of certificate options based on courses drawn from our master-level degree programs: MA in Management and Master in Business Administration.

Each certificate requires students to complete four (4) graduate courses and obtain a grade of ‘B' or better. Please note that courses are scheduled according to the needs of the degree programs. Certificate students should be prepared for gaps in the scheduling for coursework to complete certificate requirements. Should a student elect to apply for a degree program, courses completed for the certificate can be applied-where appropriate-to satisfying graduation requirements.

To be eligible for a certificate program, the applicant needs to submit a completed graduate program application and have obtained a bachelor degree from a regionally accredited institution. The program reserves the right to accept or reject certificate applications for any reason.

Required and optional courses for each certificate are outlined below.

Management Certificates

Change Leadership Certificate:
Students must complete MGT 6420 Organizational Behavior, MGT 6455 Strategic Leadership for Change, and MGT 6430: Organization Development; and, one course from the following options: MGT 6201 Seminar in Process Consultation, MGT 6205 Team Development, MGT 6207 Crisis Management or MGT 6209 Managing Diversity.

Healthcare Administration Certificate:
Students must complete MGT 6351 Health Care Administration, MGT 6352 Performance Improvement in Health Care Organizations, MGT 6355 Health Care Finance and one course from the following options; MGT 6455 Strategic Management or MGT 6207 Crisis Management.

Business Administration Certificates

Finance Certificate:
Students must complete MGT 6440 Financial Management, MGT 6460 Managerial Accounting; and, two courses from the following elective course options: Corporate Finance, Investments, Mergers & Acquisitions or International Finance.

Marketing Certificate:
Students must complete MGT 6450 Marketing: Consumer Behavior and three elective course options: Marketing Research, Strategic Marketing and Applied Marketing: The Internet.