Health Information Management Course Descriptions

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HIM 6502 - Develop Clinical Info Systems - 3 cr.
Focused on providing students with the expertise to conceptualize and strategically plan and build the appropriate health information infrastructure for supporting the knowledge requirements of the healthcare organization. Topics to be addressed include information systems theory and strategic planning; clinical information systems applications and operations analysis, data and technical infrastructures for the electronic health records; information system acquisition and implementation, and the regulatory, standards and ethical environments and future trends of health information systems. Prerequisites: Fundamentals of HIM and US Healthcare System, HIM 6501, or permission of the department.

HIM 6505 - Database Methods Clin Info Mgt - 3 cr.
Addresses database theory, methodologies for database design and issues related to database administration. Emphasis is on requirements and methodologies for assuring data integrity and security in healthcare enterprise information systems, specifically in relationship to the database environment. Prerequisites: Fundamentals of HIM and US Healthcare System, or permission of the department.

HIM 6506 - Assessing Healthcare Quality - 3 cr.
Assess outcomes research activities, exert leadership in implementing clinical outcomes measurement projects/programs within healthcare organizations and systems. The course focuses on the role patient-centered outcomes information plays in assuring that healthcare systems are able to establish cost-effective clinical practices that do improve the health, functional status and well-being of healthcare consumers, and accreditation and legislative initiatives impacting healthcare outcomes activities. Prerequisites: Admission to a HIM graduate program or permission of department.

Prerequisite Course: PSY 3331

HIM 6507 - Project Management - 3 cr.
Project management, including the development of a project charter with emphasis on developing the competencies and skills required to successfully lead teams of clerical, technical and professional specialists through workflow and work process redesign activities within a healthcare organization or system. Criteria and techniques for evaluating the features, functionality and usability of project management (PM) software packages; advanced-level skills in using a PM application to create a project plan, schedule tasks and resources effectively, communicate with stakeholders, as well as track and report progress for both simple and complex projects. Prerequisites: Admission to a HIM graduate program or permission of department.

HIM 6508 - Healthcare Data Analytics - 3 cr.
Covers the techniques, strategies and the need/use of Information Technology (IT) tools for data collection, data analysis, reporting and knowledge management. Offers learners the foundational terminology, concepts, models, processes and tools associated with decision support and knowledge management systems to leverage data into information and knowledge enhance care processes, data quality, cost effectiveness and decision-making, ultimately increasing the strategic acumen of the organization. Prerequisites: Finance or Accounting and HIM 6505, or permission of the department.

HIM 6509 - Med Vocab & Classif Systems - 3 cr.
The representation of clinical data through the use of medical vocabularies and clinical classification systems. Emphasis is on developing expertise in identifying appropriate clinical classification systems and medical vocabularies, identifying their appropriate uses and sources, and applying them within and among health information systems to promote effective communication. Prerequisite: HIM 6501 or permission of department.

Prerequisite Course: HIM 6501

HIM 6520 - Applied Proj Research/Writing - 3 cr.
The Final Applied Project starts with this course; methods of project research and writing are introduced and practiced. The student develops a project proposal and benchmarks the proposed project against existing applications in the field. Activities include selecting the topic, developing a problem definition/problem statement and the rationale for the selected applied project, developing a literature review, defining a design/solution model for the applied project product, and finalizing a Final Applied Project Proposal. Prerequisites: HIM 6501 and HIM 6502.

Prerequisite Courses: HIM 6501, HIM 6502

HIM 6522 - Final Applied Project - 3 cr.
Working with an assigned Final Applied Project advisor, the student completes the applied project and prepares a project report to be submitted to the department for final approval. The goal of the Final Applied Project is to increase students' cognitive sophistication through an activity that requires reading, thinking, and writing, to only further the student's education, and make a meaningful contribution to HIM practice.

Prerequisite Course: HIM 6520

HIM 6523 - Graduate Seminar - 1 cr.
A capstone seminar in which students present the results of their Final Applied Projects and explore current issues relative to the field of Health Information Management in a rapidly changing health care delivery system.

Prerequisite Course: HIM 6522

HIM 6524 - Strategic Management in Health - 3 cr.
Explores the theory and leadership practice of strategy, strategic thinking and strategic management in healthcare for success in changing and turbulent times. Focus is on the phases of environmental assessment, business planning, implementation and evaluation. Prepares students to lead through organizational change, innovation, strategic management and execution. The course serves as a core curriculum capstone for the HIM program and requires students to synthesize and integrate lessons learned in their previous courses.

HIM 6525 - Clinical Informatics in Practi - 3 cr.
Provides nursing and other clinical professionals with the knowledge, skills and attitudes for participation in the planning, acquisition, design, management, and use of electronic health records and other health information technology. Topics include information systems theory and strategic planning; clinical information systems applications, data and technical infrastructures for an electronic health record system; information system acquisition and implementation; and the regulatory, standards and ethical environment of health information systems.

HIM 6529 - Change Leadership - 3 cr.
Develop a systems-based way of thinking about leadership and how people function in the workplace, self-assess leadership thinking and behavior, establish goals for a higher level of leadership functioning, and integrate System-based Leadership and Change Management™ with models of change management and transition. Also, identify patterns of behavior that sabotage change in your system and internalize behavior for leading change in your organization. Prerequisites: Admission to a HIM graduate program or permission of the department.

HIM 6530 - Clinical Workflow & Process Re - 3 cr.
This course explores how ancillary & clinical processes are designed and integrated together with the flow of information throughout a healthcare facility to bring decision-making value to healthcare professionals through quality information gathered in the most effective and efficient ways. Topics to be addressed include theory of quality and process improvement, workflow redesign, modeling techniques, use case scenario descriptions, clinical process reengineering, relationship to system infrastructure preparation and system build, outcomes measurement, and impact of change on organizational climate. Prerequisites: HIM 6502 or permission of the department.

HIM 6531 - Best Practices/Implementation - 3 cr.
Covers components of EHR implementation as identified through case studies of best practices. Examine how the EHR impacts patient care through the availability of information and clinical decision support, create and use rules and clinical protocols/tools for the EHR, and develop training methodologies. Prerequisites: HIM 6502 or permission of the department.

Prerequisite Course: HIM 6502

HIM 6532 - Methods of Healthcare Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research - 3 cr.
Explores methods and processes used to systematically collect and measure information for the purpose of program evaluation. The course integrates several knowledge and skill areas including: research methods, statistics, proposal writing, budget planning, project management, and program evaluation. Prerequisites: Admission to a HIM graduate program or permission of the department.

HIM 6535 - FAP Research I - 3 cr.
Provides students with an opportunity to identify and research a topic related to Health Informatics and Information Management and explore it in detail. The student will develop a research plan, identify and finalize the research topic, develop a research design utilizing appropriate methods and analysis, and submit an IRB (Institutional Review Board) proposal.

Prerequisite Course: HIM 6532

HIM 6536 - FAP Research II - 3 cr.
Provides students with an opportunity to conduct in-depth research on a topic related to Health Informatics and Information Management. The student will continue the research they began in HIM 6535, culminating in the completion of a Final Applied Project. The student will deploy a data collection instrument, collect and analyze the data, and submit a written report summarizing their research and analyzing results that support their recommendation/conclusion.

Prerequisite Course: HIM 6535

HIM 6540 - Revenue Cycle Enhancement - 3 cr.
Identify processes and develop strategies to enhance the performance of the healthcare organization's revenue cycle. Investigate each component of the process, along with mechanisms to monitor their efficiency and effectiveness. Learn to identify areas needing improvement, and techniques to implement and sustain those improvements in order to maximize cash flow. Prerequisite: Admission to a HIM graduate program or permission of the department.

HIM 6545 - Corporate Compliance/HlthCare - 3 cr.
Addresses a growing need to adequately train health care leaders in the field of health care compliance and various topics in health care compliance, including corporate compliance (fraud and abuse), privacy, risk management and identity theft. Essential elements of a corporate compliance program will be presented as well as primary federal legislation addressing fraud and abuse. Privacy of patient information will be discussed in terms of the HIPPA and HITECH regulations. Risk management concepts will be presented as well as identity theft as relates to medical identity theft. Prerequisites: Admission to a HIM graduate program or permission of the department.

HIM 6550 - Health Care - Global, Preventative, and Systemic Perspectives - 3 cr.
Examines health in the global society with a specific focus on the U.S. Explores the meaning of population health, the culture of health and how that interacts with community culture. Covers the history, development, and future of the healthcare system in the United States including types of healthcare institutions, services, payment systems, the government’s role and the people and professions that staff this industry.

HIM 6555 - Prof Practice Internship - 1-8 cr.
Description coming soon.

HIM 6560 - Foundations of Management & Leadership in HIM - 3 cr.
Focuses on the concepts, principles, tools and strategies utilized in managing operations within a performance improvement model. The course includes tools and techniques for planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and improving productivity and performance in Health Information Management. All of these concepts are addressed through the lens of various leadership theories and strategies.

HIM 6777 - Special Topics in HIM - 1-3 cr.
A special offering presented by the HIM graduate program to present new and/or emerging developments in the field of health information management.

HIM 6900 - Continuing Enrollment Final AP - 0 cr.
Required registration for continuing work on the final applied project. Students not completing the Final Applied Project within one academic year after registering for HIM 6522 must register for HIM 6900 each semester until completion of the Final Applied Project.

HIM 6999 - Independent Study in HIM - 1-3 cr.
Opportunity available, with the approval of the graduate advisor, for a student to pursue a special project or special studies in an area of health information management that is not covered by the existing curriculum.