Computer Information Systems Course Descriptions

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CIS 6101 - Leadership Communication - 3 cr.
An examination of the importance of leadership theories and styles, and the essential importance of communication. Oral and written communication methods will be studied to determine how effective communication is integral to the success of IT initiatives. Topics include communicating complex ideas, collaboration in a team environment, and using communication to lead a team and work effectively with complex interpersonal and team processes. (8 weeks)

CIS 6105 - Data Analytics for Decision Making - 3 cr.
Examination of the use of data to achieve new insights and improved decision making. In this course, students study, transform, and analyze data using modern technologies and methods. Topics include structuring business processes and rules, planning data projects, preparing data for analysis, applying statistical methods, and evaluating the results in the context of decision making.

Crosslist Course: MGT 6105

CIS 6107 - Data Storage and Retrieval - 3 cr.
An in-depth study of data storage supporting data analytics and the methods used to extract and combine data from multiple data sources. Topics include relational database design, SQL, data warehouses, non-SQL databases, parallel processing, and the cloud service environment.

Prerequisite Course: CIS 6105

CIS 6108 - Systems Analysis and Design - 3 cr.
An in-depth focus on the five phases of the Systems Development Lifecycle. Topics include: preliminary investigation, physical and logical documentation, detail investigation into requirements and alternative specifications, analysis and design techniques, implementation considerations,development of logical and physical data flow diagrams, data modeling, prototyping, CASE tools, and the use of GANTT and PERT charts. A sample project is introduced and integrated using the SDLC Methodology.

CIS 6110 - Applications of Data Analytics - 3 cr.
An in-depth examination of the use of data to achieve new insights and improved decision making. In this course, students apply analytics methods and modern technologies to generate new knowledge from data and effectively communicate the results to a broad audience. Topics include analysis design, data analysis methods and technologies, storytelling, and visual representation.

Prerequisite Courses: CIS 6105, CIS 6107

CIS 6113 - Legal and Ethical Considerations of Information Technologies - 3 cr.
An examination of information technology's influence on ethical, legal, and social issues. In this course, students investigate current adoptions of information technology and the management strategies of these systems, apply a decision-making model to evaluate these systems, and develop solutions to better serve, protect, and benefit our society.

CIS 6208 - IT Project Management - 3 cr.
A discussion of the project management process through the framework prescribed by a project management certifying body. Provides an IT perspective of planning, estimating, leading, and monitoring projects. Students will not only use project management software, but will also explore communication and personnel issues related to project management. (8 weeks)

Crosslist Course: MGT 6211

CIS 6248 - IT Change Leadership - 3 cr.
This course will focus on leveraging information technologies to affect change from an individual, team and organizational perspective. 21st century leaders must understand the strategic importance of change in their organizations. More and more, it is the IT leader that is expected to lead this change efficiently and effectively. This course will provide IT leaders with the opportunity to explore current change literature and apply it to their professional and personal situations.

CIS 6575 - Optimizing Intellectual Capital - 3 cr.
An in-depth study of the methods and techniques organizations use to effectively discover, capture, manage, and reuse knowledge assets. During this course, students explore the approaches used to design, implement, and apply knowledge management and business intelligence practices as well as the cultural and technical environments needed to support these practices.

CIS 6700 - Experimental Design for Data Analytics - 3 cr.
Application of experimental design to data analytics projects. In this course, students evaluate data sources and analytics methods to design valid and reproducible data analysis experiments that fully address defined business problems and research questions.

Prerequisite Courses: CIS 6105, CIS 6107, CIS 6110, CIS 6113

CIS 6777 - Independent Study - 3 cr.
A special offering presented by the CIS graduate program to present emerging developments in the field. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. (8 or 16 weeks)

CIS 6795 - Research and Writing - 3 cr.
An examination of the research process designed for students preparing for the Capstone Project. Using scholarly and professional literature, students will identify current problems facing organizations and propose potential solutions. Topics include topic selection, research methodologies, scholarly writing, APA formatting, library research, evaluation of scholarly and professional literature, and the process of giving and receiving effective peer review feedback. The course will result in the creation of a project proposal for the Capstone Project.

CIS 6800 - Final Applied Project - 2 cr.
Working with an assigned project advisor, students assimilate knowledge from prior courses with findings from research in the current literature of the selected topical area. The findings from the literature research are integrated in the development of a project introduction and literature review. (16 weeks)

CIS 6900 - Capstone Project II - 2 cr.
Working with an assigned project advisor, students complete the remaining work on the Final Applied Project by synthesizing a solution to the defined business problem. The course concludes with an approval, publication, and oral presentation of the Final Applied Project. (16 weeks)

CIS 6910 - Cont. Enroll: Final App Proj - 0 cr.
Cont. Enroll: Final App Proj

Prerequisite Course: CIS 6900

CIS 6999 - Independent Study - 0-4 cr.
Independent research and reading in an area of special interest. Students initiate study in form of a written proposal and complete it under faculty supervision. Prerequisites: consent of supervising faculty and department chair. (8 or 16 weeks)