Top Ten Signs Your Robot Will Not Be Inducted Into the Robot Hall of Fame

St. Scholastica's Student Newspaper
The Cable
By: Andrew Schreyer  - Student Journalist -
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10. Your "robot" is what most people call "a clock/radio"
9. It runs on 6,000 AA batteries
8. It was featured on "America's Most Wanted Robots"
7. Always giving hate-filled rants against C3PO's right to be in a movie series
6. There is no "on" switch
5. It makes you do THEIR homework (now that's a bad robot!)
4. Only writes lame Top Ten Lists
3. It's not made by Apple, but made completely out of apples
2. Your robots sole function is to destroy the Robot Hall of Fame
1. You don't have a robot -- you just have a hard time pronouncing the name "Robert"