Top Ten Little Known "Facts" About the Super Bowl

By: Andrew Schreyer 
Super Bowl 2014. Photo credit to

Super Bowl 2014. Photo credit to

10. Its more triangular shaped than it is round.

9. There is a 75% chance that the halftime show act will be some old person; the remaining 25% is the chance that it will be someone long forgotten.

8. Thankfully there have never been any bridge closures during the big game.

7. It's actually a saucer, not a bowl.

6. 9 out of 10 Americans watch the Super Bowl for the commercials only, and 1 watches for the halftime show -- nobody actually cares about the game.

5. The Vikings are allergic to the Super Bowl.

4. No number 4 -- writer getting ready to watch the Super Bowl.

3. The cost of tickets in the cheap seats are actually less than the price of a college textbook --- am I right people?

2. Due to budget cuts, next year's Super Bowl will be held in an abandoned warehouse in Iowa.

1. For the rest of the world it's an excuse to eat too much junk food and drink too much beer; for America it's just another day at the office.