The Poisonous Mystery: Brittany Murphy Story

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By: Joe Ervin  - Student Journalist -
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On December 20, 2009 the world lost a beautiful, talented and engaging young actress. Brittany Murphy died at the age of 32; the cause was thought to be pneumonia with a secondary factor of iron deficiency.

What's curious is that only a year later her widowed husband died of the same cause and was found dead at the exact same location she was found. To get even more mysterious, 4 years later evidence has shown that there may have been more to the cause of her death.

Weeks ago, a lab report suggested that the presence of 10 heavy metals in a strand of her hair was pure evidence of a poisoning death. Although this is a mystery in in of itself, the most peculiar thing about this situation is the response her parents gave regarding this newfound evidence.

Over the past 4 years Sharon Murphy, mother of the deceased, has gone back and fourth on her opinions on the cause of her daughters death. When officials believed mold to be the cause of Murphy's death, Sharon called these allegations ‘absurd'. However a year later she says the mold was in fact the cause. 

Sound fishy enough yet? When presented this new piece of evidence both parents accused the other of trying to gain money over their daughter's death. Sharon explains that her father (Angelo Bertolotti) was not even in contact with Brittany for three years prior to her death and that his 12-year sentence in prison kept him from having a genuine relationship with the actress. 

She claims that Bertolotti wants to make a book and a movie about his daughter solely for profit. In response to these intense claims Bertolotti says the book idea is Shanon's idea and that she has been living off of Brittanys money since she reached stardom.

"How is it that I am pictured with my daughter in her childhood and adulthood, if she supposedly cut me off in childhood?" Bertolotti told CNN Entertainment. "I have a normal and close relationship with all of my children and they are open about that. There has never been a 12-year gap in the photos of Brittany and myself. I have quite a few of them online."

With both parents feuding over this and so many unanswered questions, the cause of the death of Brittany Murphy, whether homicide or accidental, is yet to be revealed.