The Cable Launches Online Edition

St. Scholastica's Student Newspaper
The Cable
By: Jimmy Lovrien  - Student Journalist -

Staff says change will expand readership

St. Scholastica's very own student-run newspaper, The Cable, has expanded to include a new website to complement the print edition. The website can be found at

The desire to create a website for the school paper has been a long time goal said Shelby Lonne, co-editor, "When Tom and I got the job as co-editors and Alvaro got the job as business manager, we had a lot of mini meetings about what we wanted to change at the Cable. All of us agreed that it would be cool to have a website. The website could bring in more readers since a lot of students nowadays get their news online. It's not a replacement for our print readers, just a supplement for those who would rather read news on a screen instead."

Alvaro Hernandez Feris, business and advertising manager for The Cable, added, "We are doing everything to be the most complete student-run news center that this campus has had."

Currently The Cable audience tends to be "Students, staff, faculty, Sisters in the monastery, and members of the community," said Lonne.

"Staff will always have the image of the Cable more often than students," said Feris, "Students come and go every four years."

The website could keep alumni up to date with CSS events and news, in addition to community members.

Outside of St. Scholastica's Duluth campus, copies of The Cable are being distributed at the Duluth Public Library and Grandma's restaurant in Canal Park.

With the new website, Cable staff members hope to use the existing readers as a baseline and build off that.

Co-editor Thomas Gallegos believes this starts with improved availability: "Everyone that has access to the Internet will have an opportunity to read The Cable which is extremely exciting."

An ease of navigation and convenience are assets of the website Lonne hopes will build readership, "I think the online version will expand readership, because it's easier to find exactly what story you want without skimming through pages. If you don't have the time to sit and read everything this will hopefully help you find what you want."

The Cable's online presence enables followers on various social media sites to engage via the Facebook page ( and the Twitter account (@CSSCable).

This is increasingly important in 2013. According to the Pew Research Center, 30% of American adults receive their news from Facebook and 8% from Twitter.

Gallegos believes this wide spread web presence will spur "more feedback, more advertising, more word of mouth, and more excitement."

Although the content found on the website will likely be the same as the printed version, the flexibility to publish more is plausible, said Feris, "There are some weeks when we have too much content submitted to The Cable to print... Now we can put what doesn't fit online since there isn't a limit."

Gallegos expressed glee when asked to comment on the future of paper and its website, "I am so very happy to be apart of this tremendous step forward for the Cable."

Lonne echoed this statement, "We're so excited!"