That Awkward Moment Movie Review

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By: Tayler Boelk  - Student Journalist -
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"That Awkward Moment" was originally titled "Are We Officially Dating?" and labeled a romantic comedy. While dipping into the cheesy love scenes many people are dreaming about as Valentines day approaches, this movie was mostly a romance for male friends (bromance).

Best friends Jason (Zac Efron), Daniel (Miles Teller) and Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) begin living together when Mikey finds out about his unfaithful wife. To support their friend the men make a pact to staying single and never seeing a girl more than twice a week. The plan begins to fall apart when Mikey starts seeing his soon-to-be ex-wife again, and Daniel and Jason unexpectedly fall in love, bringing all of the characters to the "So, where is this going?" moment of every relationship.

While most of the plot was fairly standard, it added a humorous twist and a way to see the guy's point of view in the romantic comedy category. Some critics say it is "Sex and the City for Men," as it features a few mostly-nude scenes and a few rated R jokes. Most of the laugh-out-loud humor can be accredited to Daniel, played by Miles Teller who is best known for the recent iteration of "Footloose."

His sense of humor and witty remarks are just like the Teller we see behind the scenes, he hardly has to act at all. Efrons character Jason, provides some laughs in his uncanny ability to put himself in awkward situations and Jordans Mikey, gives the ladies a good laugh when he pulls a few standard break-up tricks accredited to women (Ice cream straight from the tub).

This movie is great for the college age group as we struggle to determine the inner workings of relationships, but not one for the whole family. Its sexual jokes are too graphic for the younger siblings and too awkward for mom and dad.

Overall, it is a standard romantic comedy with a different point of view. Though predictable, the add-libs between characters provide a natural humor (watch the bloopers!) and keep the romance from being too serious. If you are looking for a bromantic movie this Valentines day, give this one a shot. This movie is great for laughs, but not one you want to have on the family movie shelf.