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A girls opinion on Twitter. Photocredit to

A girls opinion on Twitter. Photocredit to

Shelby Lonne

        I'm embarrassed to say that I love Twitter. It's really more of an addiction than a love. Going more than a couple of days without checking my feed actually makes me feel like I'm missing something. How sad is that?

        Anyway, I love Twitter because it's a great place to keep up on somewhat fascinating people. Celebrities usually have great things to tweet about, even if you don't always know what it means. Drama kings and queens that you know from high school always have some way of making an everyday task they did seem like it was either a near death experience or the best day of their life. And, of course, there are always those extremely witty and hilarious people you just know that can turn your day around in just under 140 characters. It's a great way to spend five minutes of your day, but as soon as it becomes something you've been doing for an hour, it's probably a problem. Hi, I'm Shelby, and I'm a Twitteraholic. (*Hi Shelby*)

        I probably will keep tweeting my heart out (even though I'm not as witty as I wish I was) until Twitter becomes the new Facebook and there's something bigger and better. Or maybe I'll become a real adult and delete all of my social media in order to really connect in all other areas of life. But I'd probably put my money on the first one.