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Shelby Lonne

I love Christmas. Everything about it is so jolly and fun. It's just a grand ol' time. The worst part about Christmas though? Buying Christmas presents for the men in your life.

Most guys I know buy what they want when they want it and are never really spontaneous with purchases like some women can be...When I say women I mean me. The guys in my life tend to save their money and use it on things that they really want instead of a new top that I'll probably wear once and never wear again. Besides maybe the new PS4 or Xbox One or a new computer or snowmobile (which are all insanely expensive), they don't have something that they are just desperately wanting in the same way that a girl might want cute boots or a new purse.

So...what do you get your dad, grandpa, boyfriend, guy friends, etc.? I'm definitely the wrong person to ask. Every year I tend to get my dad gloves or wool socks and my grandpa chocolate covered cherries. I promise I'm not a terrible daughter/granddaughter. It's just that they never ask for anything and I hate getting the same gift cards for them that other people definitely already got them. Maybe that's my issue. I always try to get the people on my list something fun and unique that they can be genuinely excited about. Usually that backfires for those few still on my list a few days before Christmas. So I'm sorry guys! If there's something you want, you probably need to spell it out for us girls because contrary to how we might act, we can be kind of clueless sometimes.