Seattle’s Superb Superbowl Win

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By: Andre Smith-Hill  - Student Journalist -
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In one of the most unlikely outcomes and biggest busts in Superbowl history, the Seattle Seahawks led by the Legion of Boom utterly dominated Petron Manning and the Denver Broncos. With the final score ending with a 43-8 score, Superbowl 48 is the third largest point differential in history. From the first snap of the game, which resulted in a safety for the Seahawks, Seattle was all over Denver and it seemed as though the Broncos were never in the game to begin with.

Sports broadcasters, analysts, fans, nobody could have predicted that the greatest statistical offense in NFL history would have scored only eight points with arguably the best QB in the NFL essentially getting shutdown. He didn't have a bad game in all aspects however. He did complete 34 passes but it was his downfalls that made the headlines in the end. This was supposed to be Manning's "Legacy Game." The game that would put him at the top of his charts for the greatest QB ever. He accomplished the exact opposite actually, and his spot as one of the top three QB's ever is now in question.

Manning's two interceptions helped lead the Seahawks to their 43 points, with one of them being returned for a pick-six. Manning wasn't the only one putting points on the board for Seattle of course. In fact, the most inexperienced team to ever play in a Superbowl scored points in just about ever way possible. They ran up the scoreboard with a safety (first play of the game), both passing and rushing touchdowns, a pick-six and of course a huge 87-yard kick return by Percy Harvin, who just happens to be a former Viking (there were four of them in the game, quite depressing).

Russell Wilson did not exactly have an MVP type game, but he did exactly he needed to do. He was successful in not turning the ball over, avoiding giving the dominate Denver offense additional chances. He was 18 for 25 for 206 passing yards, nothing special but then again, there were 16 points scored by just the defense and special teams, twice what the Broncos scored altogether. Wilson is only 25 years old and has surpassed Ben Roethlisberger for most wins within his first two seasons. He has proven that he can win football games.

When Peyton Manning was asked whether or not he was embarrassed about the game and his performance in general, he was insulted to a point.

"It's not embarrassing at all," said Manning. "I would never use that word. There's a lot of professional football players in that locker room that put in a lot of work into being here, playing in that game. That word ‘embarrassing' is an insulting word to tell you the truth."

Manning is as professional as they come and he is not one to give up. Even though his performance was less than what he, and everybody expected, you can bet that he will be back next year with the same goal in mind. Winning his 2nd Lombardi Trophy.

But until that day comes, the Seattle Seahawks are the reigning Superbowl Champions; an honor they clearly deserve. They were the most dominating team all year and they further proved the fact that defense does in fact win championships.