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CSS Senate President, Connor Blacksher, gives updates on school activities.

CSS Senate President, Connor Blacksher, gives updates on school activities.

         It's been a while since I've been back in the corner here, especially with so much happening in and around the school. So we'll get right to it:

        The administration is looking to outsource our food service. This is hoping to alleviate some of the brain power and effort that goes into running the GDR and Storms on the administration's end. By "outsourcing" it means that currently we run all of our operations in-house, and we would like to hire a company like Bon Appetit, Sodexo, or any other company that does dining solutions to come in and train our staff to do things and cook their recipes. Some important things that you should know:

         • With the way that our contract is written, the company is required to keep all employees for the first two years of their service under the new management.

         • The entering company is not allowed to hike the meal plan prices obscenely or anything of that sort.

         This is an exciting endeavor and the companies have been coming throughout the last couple weeks, and will be coming until the end of November-ish. Look into Bon Appetit, FSI, A'viands, Aramark, Sodexo, and Chartwells. Each of them have something great and unique to offer you as students. If you would like more information please send me an email.

         Along with the food service, St. Scholastica is evaluating their LMS (Learning Management System) which is currently Blackboard. If you have strong feelings for or against Blackboard, I ask that you send me an email as well. The timeline for the project spans the entire academic year, unless we decide to continue our service with Blackboard. One of the contenders that is being examined is Canvas by Instructure along with Moodle and other well-known LMS.

        Speaking for Student Senate, I would also like to address the parking security. If you read the meeting minutes, we have discussed parking situation and how to improve it. We have been in contact with Mike Turner from Security, and the cost for cameras is too large for us. What makes the cameras cost so much: the physical camera, wiring/networking for the camera, weatherproof body for the camera, installation fees, and other costs. In the previous issue of The Cable we were cited as having a "bunch of money left over." We do have $42,000 this year for our Endeavor Fund. It is used to improve facilities on campus and in the past has purchased pool tables, printers, and allowed The Middle Ground Journal to get academic articles translated. Please submit an idea to us, we will go through the proper channels to having the idea become real (if we can afford it).

       The meeting minutes when we discussed parking was October 13th, if you would like a copy of them let me know. After looking back into last year's minutes, we have discussed parking in at least 5 meetings if not even more outside of meetings. I wish this was a situation where I could say "money isn't an issue," but it is this time.

Any questions or comments please email