NFL Players Get Off Easy

By: Andre Smith-Hill 
Dwayne Bowe arrested on possession of drugs. Photo credit to

Dwayne Bowe arrested on possession of drugs. Photo credit to

The NFL is full of mind-blowing statistics. Last year, Calvin Johnson (Megatron) crushed the all-time single season receiving yards record. Just this year, Peyton Manning tied a record for throwing 7 TDs in a single game. The most inconceivable statistic is one that has seeming been brushed aside by the NFL. Since 2007, NFL players have been arrested or at least charged with 395 crimes involving 107 cases of drunk-driving, 43 domestic-abuse crimes, along with 118 cases that involving drugs or fighting and disorderly conduct.

Most recently, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe was arrested for DUI on Nov. 10. The star athlete was pulled over for speeding, but the situation escalated quickly when Missouri police discovered a total of 10.4 grams of marijuana in his possession. Bowe's statement was as follows: 

"I apologize to the Hunt Family, Coach Reid, my teammates and Chiefs fans for the distraction I have caused the team this week. Due to the nature of the pending matter, I am unable to make any further comments on the situation."

The Chiefs receiver started the next game. If somebody in your community receives a DUI/DWI, they are looked down upon or at the very least are held accountable for their actions. If an athlete does it, thousands of fans will still cheer for them on Sunday night.

It happens all too often now that a "Breaking Story" on SportsCenter involves an NFL player being arrested for a crime of this magnitude, a statement expressing how sorry they are, then you never hear about it again. It doesn't even come as a surprise anymore. People have seemingly become desensitized to incidents that could result in the death of an innocent person.

It is not fair to say that all NFL football players have it easy, or get the benefit of the doubt in every situation. The majority of NFL players are exceptional citizens and the league itself does so much good. They are a major contributor during breast cancer awareness month, are directly involved with the, "Make A Wish Foundation," and do so much for charities and people everywhere.

The NFL undoubtedly does more good than bad. With that being said, no single person should be held to a different standard than anybody else because they're a professional athlete. Drunk driving is unacceptable on all levels, whether you're Joe Schmo or a starting QB in the NFL.