Local Artist Takes the Stage Anew

St. Scholastica's Student Newspaper
The Cable
By: Hayley Smith  - Student Journalist -
Photo credit to latinabloggersconnect.com

Photo credit to latinabloggersconnect.com

From famous outings, to little known cafes, everyone has their own little start on their adventure to glory; local artist Jimmy McCluskey is no exception.

Starting out with being in bands in high school all the way to starting his solo career Jimmy has been on a musical adventure to say the least. He started off about 5 years ago when he started playing the guitar and with that singing came hand in hand because according to him, "I didn't feel a reason to sing until after I started playing guitar." Well he found a reason to do both, because he came into CSS's eyes when a few months ago he performed in the talent show that was held in Student Union and got major applause from the audience. It was there that he passed out his very first cd.

McCluskey is a fellow student at CSS who is majoring in Biochemistry. He describes his music as alternative and his biggest pet peeves are, "as a science student, when the teacher uses the word obviously. Because nothing in science is ever obvious." Also, "When people are close minded or too ready to give away their opinion." As a typical student he loves to, once he "has enough ambition, to go for a run," loves to play guitar and sing, but also has dreams of making a difference.

But why should you listen to his music? According to McCluskey, "I think its spirit filled. I'm not a very emotional guy but when I play music it all comes out. It's honest and very relatable. It's not the cliché music that's all about girls, it's my perspective on a lot of things." The band's name, is ‘My Covenant.' This sprang from his previous bandmates, but then was later officially turned into this when McCluskey decided to go solo. Although he is a solo artist, he does have some major influences to thank for their help and support. "My influences would be God and my parents. But musically they would be ‘Thrice' and ‘Under Oath.'

In times like this, unless you're on a singing competition it's hard to get noticed by the big wigs of the music industry, so being a solo artist isn't exactly the easiest of all trades; not to mention all of the other difficulties that come with it. McCluskey's biggest challenge? "Deciding what I'm going to do for my future. It was a big decision to say that music isn't going to be my career choice. I plan on playing and singing the rest of my life, but it has made it hard for me to be an artist, and continue with my spirituality, but at the same time trying to figure out what I want to do with my future." Another big problem for him? "Writers block, I've sat on choruses and verses for months."

The best feeling McCluskey said he ever got was, "After I had my cd in my hand, I was giving it out to my friends and one of them said, "you've now been immortalized, when you die people can still look you up and enjoy your music."" And no truer words were spoken. If you would like to find his music feel free to look him up on iTunes, Amazon, for FREE on noisetrade.com, and anywhere you can find music. But if you would like a hardcopy of his cd or to book him, feel free to Facebook him.

Until then, he leaves you with these words, "If you think your message is worth spreading, then don't quit until you spread it. Maybe it'll blow up or maybe it won't, but you're not gonna know until you try it. If any aspiring musicians out there don't know the next step to take, then contact me and I'll help them out by introducing them to the people I went through."