Letter from the Top 10 Guy

St. Scholastica's Student Newspaper
The Cable
By: Andrew Schreyer  - Student Journalist -

Well, it appears that the time has finally come to an end. Four years really fly by when you're having fun, and indeed I have had a lot of fun writing lists for you each week. It never was about the money, but instead the precious feeling of joy that I felt every time someone complimented or laughed at my lists. Despite being known as the "Top 10 Guy," I have written other material for the Cable over the years. From thought provoking opinion pieces to concert reviews, film reviews, and no holds barred interviews, I have done it all when it comes to writing in the last few years. By far my favorite is the Top 10.

It is with a heavy heart that I relinquish my position here at the Cable, and in turn announce that the Top 10 is retiring after this issue. Please promise not to cry too much. This decision is for that best, as it makes room for the next humor column to enter the paper. I would like to thank the wonderful staff for being great to work with, even though you saw very little of me. I also want to thank Thomas and Shelby for being awesome editors, and I wish them luck in the future. Finally, I want to deliver a big thanks to all of you for being faithful readers of not just my lists, but the Cable itself. We would not be here without you. It is with the words "Thank You" that I wrap this up. May each one of you continue to find new adventures here at CSS in the future. Good luck to you all!

Andrew Schreyer

The FINAL Top 10 EVER!
Top 10 Surprising "Facts" About Me, the Top 10 Writer

10. The first thing I plan to buy when I make it big is a four slice toaster.
9. I failed my driver's test once because I forgot which way left was.
8. I have a terrible memory.
7. I...oh, shoot; I forgot what I was going to say.
6. I am an avid fan of curling - I hope that makes amends for the curling list a couple years back.
5. I hate Justin Bieber anything.
4. My office is actually located in a secret underground location on campus.
3. Andrew Schreyer is just a pen name. My real name is Mario Burlesconi.
2. I am not really a student here...I just know how to act.
1. I can't count to 10, which is why all my lists are submitted by 12's.