Holiday Stress

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By: Hannah Kunde  - Student Journalist -
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The turkey has been eaten and the intense shopping has been put to a close. Or has it? The holiday season is just beginning, along with the stress of finals. For college students all over the country and beyond, stress seems to be on everybody's mind. Normally on the news it is common to hear the stress brought on by anxious parents, but very rarely we hear the perspective of the typical college student. With money already being short amongst college students, spending more money on gifts for friends and family only adds to this building stressor.

For many college student on campus, spending money outside of school already is questionable. Zach Mattson, a Junior at The College of St. Scholastica, in an interview mentions the stress the follows the holiday season.

"Yes, buying presents for the holidays can be hard," said Mattson. "Some people are more difficult to buy for than others. Parents are the most difficult for me to buy for. They say they just want the kids to be happy, but as kid you want to buy something for your parents to happy."

Being away from home also sets up challenges for college students during the holidays and the distance and be stronger problem than originally expected.

"It hard to give them a physical gift," said Mattson. "It is harder that I am in college so I'm not around. Money sometimes gets in the way, I try to set a limit for who I buy for."

However, Mattson goes on to say that he always managed to find a gift for his family and friends despite these obstacles. For many college students the stress of buying a gift isn't the only stressor.

Since the start of Black Friday thirteen people have died because of a Black Friday related incidents. Most of these deaths were a result of either being trampled or crushed by people storming a store. With Black Friday starting sooner and sooner every year, is it any wonder why the pressure is on to get the best sale?

The spot light has been on Black Friday more than ever before and not just for the sales. Not only has Black Friday been taking over Thanksgiving, but also takes away from college students spending an already short time with family.

This is probably both the most fun and the most stressful time for college students. The importance of grades, but also trying to figure out what to do for the holidays after the final paper has been handed in. So until the last scantron bubble has been filled and the last spellcheck has been clicked, we can only look forward to the holidays ahead. Many, if not all students can agree that we are going to working very hard this next couple of weeks. Looking forward, we have rewarding break just on the horizon.