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Photo credit to fyi.wex.edu

Photo credit to fyi.wex.edu

By Thomas Gallegos tgallegos@gmail.com

Christmas; a time for cheer, joy, big hearts and clichés. Clichés? Yes, when it comes to yule time cheer I am one big ball of fluff and love. Unlike my counterpart, I know exactly what to get each one of my closest friends, family and loved ones. One word...heart. All my gifts come from the heart. What does that entail you ask? Plenty of homemade treats, assorted goodies, festive candles, do-it-yourself baking kits, and of course gift cards.

Honestly, thank goodness for gift cards. Year after year I am saved with last minute shopping and the abundance of gifting cards. They are easy to wrap (most come pre-wrapped), easy to give, easy to transport, overall E-A-S-Y. When I run out of merriment and Christmas spirit, gift cards always have my back. You like underwear? Here's a Victoria's Secret gift card. Like nails? Ill be a hit when I give a Menards gift card. Starving and can't afford a five-star experience from Applebee's? Gift card, you and your tummy are welcome. Some might think this is a cop-out or lazy, just be happy you are getting a present. Don't get me wrong, I love giving heart felt, handmade Christmas presents, but I have never been shut down when I gave a gift card. Gift cards are from the deepest cockles and chambers of my heart...trust me...please. Merry Chirstmas and support your local businesses.