Glee’s Back!

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By Veronica Cich

Glee has returned to Fox on Tuesday nights. They kicked off after the hiatus with an episode named ‘Frenemies.' In this episode, Santana auditioned to become the understudy in Funny Girl. This leads her to snagging Rachel's understudies part in this musical, which, in turn, cause a feud between the two.

According to, Fox has confirmed that the show will be permanently placed in the Big Apple for the rest of the season and for the final season. They planned for the 100th episode to be a two parter. They will take place on March 18th and March 25th. This is said to have many past members of the show to return and reminisce on what the club has done for them.

How do they plan to make this episode say goodbye to Lima and hello to New York City? According to where they mention how Lea Michele told EW that at the end of the second part of the 100th episode will become New York from then on. But, some are saying that they will be dedicating the 101st episode to saying goodbye to Lima. This episode is said to show the current seniors graduating.

Wondering why they went on hiatus in the first place? According to the boss of Glee Ryan Murphy, broke his silence a week after the death of the beloved Glee actor Cory Monteith, stating that they would take a hiatus for the cast and crew to regroup after mourning the death of Monteith. With Lea Michele and Ryan Murphy both having had worked with Monteith by "staging an intervention and refusing to let the 31-year-old actor work until he got sober," this has hit those two members of the Glee family the hardest, which led to the ultimate decision to take a hiatus.