Gamers Excited About New Zelda Game

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By: Jordyn Kirk  - Student Journalist -
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From 3D character renders to 2D pictograph-like paintings, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has captivated players. By re-imagining a classic world into stunning 3D graphics, an amazing soundtrack, and adding an inter-dimensional plot-twist, the people at Nintendo have done it again. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is riddled with enemies, traps, and puzzles, just like every other Zelda game. However, Link has a new ability this time around. Being able to morph into a two-dimensional painting on the wall and back again has allowed for even more innovative puzzle solving, as well as travel between Hyrule and the parallel universe of Lorule.

The top-down view lends itself well to the Nintendo 3DS, and when played in 3D the game gains much-needed perspective. What seem to be small hills turn into towering cliffs, and it becomes much easier to tell the difference between deep and shallow water. More interesting still is watching the 2D "painting" form of characters clash with thebeautifully fleshed-out 3D world. The result is a lovely juxtaposition of modern technology and a more archaic painting style.

However, one large change was made from the classic Zelda games, items are rented from a merchant, with most available early game, so Link no longer has to go to great lengths toacquire them. While this allows for players to explore the world openly from the beginning, it does take some of the challenge away from puzzle-solving.

Regardless, A Link Between Worlds is another beautiful addition to the much-loved Legend of Zelda saga. Specifically because is bridges 20 years since the classic game A Link to the Past, allowing players to reminisce about familiar scenes and dungeons while still facing new puzzles and gameplay. Players are in for another, equally-addicting, Zelda game.