Bow Hunting Legal within City Limits

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By: Andre Smith-Hill  - Student Journalist -
Bow hunting is now legal within city limits. Photo credit to

Bow hunting is now legal within city limits. Photo credit to

As the weather gets cooler and winter sports start to take their turn in the cycle, the most dangerous and mind numbing sports has also come into season; deer hunting. Deer hunting certainly has its excitement.  Shooting at a big buck is no dull task. It's the waiting for hours on end in a deer stand that people aren't generally fond of. Bow hunting is just one way people go after deer and it has become more and more popular where you can hunt within the city.    

The inner-city bow hunt has been going on since 2004 here in Duluth and has been immensely successful. 

"It's been going on, it's our ninth season now," said Phillip Lockett, president of Arrowhead Bowhunters Alliance in an interview with NNC. "We've harvested over 3,000 deer in those season and we'll probably harvest another 500 to 600 deer this year."

You might wonder why citizens would be allowed to shoot deer, even if it is with a bow, within the city limits, due to the danger that exists.  Due to the abundance of complaints the city was getting since 2004 and before, the city saw it as a necessary option to allow trained hunters to help decompress the city of their over population of deer.  

Of course, it's not as if anybody can just pick up a bow, step out on their front porch and take their shot. All hunters who wish to participate must have certified bow hunting training, as well as apply for an additional permit that will cost $25.  Also, it's not as if you can shoot at a deer that is standing in front of your neighbor's car. Duluth has a ton of forest area (not to state the obvious) and as along as you shot your bow 500 feet from a house/building and not in said direction, you are perfectly legal.    

Deer in the city tend to be less skittish than those who live deeper into the woods. Seeing as they have been around people for a good part of their lives, this makes sense. However, it's not as if you're shooting at a manikin.  

"They're definitely not as dumb as people think they are. They know their being hunted," said Lockett. "They're still deer and know that there are threats out there. They have real keen noses and ears, so hunters have to abide by everything or they just won't get the deer."

People bow hunt for all different types of reasons.  One may be that the season itself is longer. Or perhaps people are just looking for some variety in their life. Bow hunting is much different, and more difficult than hunting with a gun. Maybe that's the reason; people like the challenge.  A gun gives you a much greater chance at coming home with a deer.  They are more powerful, can shoot exceptionally further, and you also have the opportunity at taking more than one shot. With a bow, you have to hope a deer comes within about 60 yards of you.  It of course makes sense then that bow hunting would be allowed in the city. It's still a very dangerous sport, but also more controlled.  

If you have a bow and would like to tally up a couple more deer to show off to friends and family, then you will need to fill out the application, which can be found at  

By Andre Hill